Breaking The Flow With Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Prices Today May 8: Bitcoin down, Polkadot biggest loser as  cryptos trade in red

Mike Hobart returns for Episode 30 with C.J. Wilson, cohost of “Bitcoin Bottom Line,” for a live broadcast from the Bitcoin22 conference.

The 2 starts by talking about the conference, conference celebs in the Bitcoin area, and the approaching first anniversary of El Salvador revealing their strategy to make Bitcoin legal tender. Hobart stated, “El Salvador making the relocation resembled the someone happy to break the circulation. Because that nation does not have a history of development because method, individuals didn’t follow them right now.” Wilson reacted, “Things are altering.”

The 2 go on to go over the function that bitcoin is playing in the present war between Russia and Ukraine, and how the currency is assisting the Ukrainian federal government. Wilson continues by discussing, “If the federal government is lacking FUD [fear uncertainty and doubt] weapons, and Bitcoin is growing at the same time, you’re going to have more voices that can assault those FUD vectors quicker.”

Hobart shares about the release of a short article through  Bitcoin Magazine in which he talked to among Bitcoin Twitter’s preferred female characters, Humble Warrior, and she discussed how bitcoin made her worth health in a brand-new method. “With health, it’s all evidence of work,” he continues, “If we do not have brand-new kids to grow the economy, in regards to not just intake however brand-new ideas and concepts, we do not fix the issues.”



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