Ceros reveals brand-new combinations with sales enablment platforms

Ceros Expands Technology Partnerships with Sales Enablement Platforms

Ceros, the interactive material platform, has revealed brand-new combinations that will allow direct shipment of its innovative material to the sales enablement platforms Highspot and Showpad.

The TOP 5 of Sales EnablementThe TOP 5 of Sales Enablement

What Ceros does. Ceros uses a collective digital canvas for the production of interactive and animated material without any coding needed. It uses industry-specific design templates and predetermined animations. It currently incorporates a wide variety of CMSs.

Building a linked innovative stack. These combinations will help with the circulation of material developed in Ceros to sales groups within the sales enablement tools they utilize daily. They can be found in addition to a series of other current Ceros combinations:

  • With Adobe Marketo Engage and HubSpot, permitting users to release kinds or other properties from their marketing automation systems within Ceros imaginative experiences.
  • With the Getty Images stock image and video library and the Noun Project SVG icon library.
  • With social platforms consisting of Pinterest and Snap.

Why do we care? It’s about sticking out from the crowd. Potential customers are bombarded with digital material, from sites and landing pages to white documents and eBooks. Ceros’s interactive material offering is among the options out there that support the production of experiences that can be appealing, drawing longer user attention periods and enhancing brand name identity.

We see Ceros slowly extending its service, now throughout sales along with marketing companies, to increase the effectiveness of the linked imaginative stack.

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