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Powered by the EOS blockchain, Upland is a property-trading, city-building metaverse where gamers can check out, buy/sell homes, construct structures, and engage with other Uplanders. The platform likewise has an in-game token, UPX, which is utilized inside the Upland metaverse to purchase home.

The video game is developed by examining real-world market information. The Upland group has actually carefully examined each residential or commercial property based upon its historical and appeal aspect and set its cost.

So, In this short article, we will describe the crucial information about the Upland metaverse like the various sort of user status, residential or commercial property types, and its rarity.

UPX Token

The UPX token is utilized within the Upland video gaming community. You can not trade it in the market. Users can purchase the token from the Upland shop by utilizing their crypto or PayPal account. As soon as you have enough UPX tokens, you can try to find the residential or commercial properties to purchase. If you are a brand-new user, then you can opt for homes marked with FSA.

We will discuss the actions on how you can purchase UPX tokens, and how to later on purchase homes with it in our next post.

Understanding Property in Upland

You might have observed that the homes in Upland are significant in various colors. Each color has a various significance and significance. Prior to purchasing any residential or commercial property, you ought to comprehend what each of these colors imply.

Upland Properties are classified into the following 2 areas:

  • Minted– Owned by other gamers.
  • Unminted– Never had an owner.

Below are the various colors of residential or commercial properties that you might discover in the Upland environment.

  1. Bright Green Properties

Unlocked, unminted residential or commercial properties. You can mint it and after that purchase the residential or commercial property straight from Upland. The home rates are identified by examining the real-world market information. You need to hold adequate UPX tokens in your account to acquire a home.

  1. FSA (Fair Start Act)

When you check out Upland, you will discover lots of residential or commercial properties marked with FSA. These homes are booked for brand-new gamers. That indicates just brand-new gamers (Visitors and Uplanders) have access to purchase FSA. As soon as you end up being Pro, i.e., having a net worth of 100 k UPX or more, you will no longer have the ability to mint FSA homes.

  1. Dark Green Properties

Owned and minted homes, presently noted on the secondary market for sale.

  1. Blue Properties

Minted residential or commercial properties owned by Upland gamers. These residential or commercial properties are not noted in the secondary market, however still, you can send out a purchase deal to the homeowner.

  1. Dark Blue Properties

Minted homes, presently owned by you.

  1. Gray Properties

Locked, unminted homes that are not opened for minting. Each city has actually some locked homes that are booked for future Landmark sales and auctions.

Rarity Of Properties

Each residential or commercial property brings a rarity worth (less or more) that substantially affects its worth. The rarity levels have actually for that reason been identified by gathering research study and evaluating information behind their appeal and historical worth.

Based upon rarity, the residential or commercial properties in Upland have actually been divided into 5 classifications:

  • Standard– These are the typical residential or commercial properties without any or less historic worth.
  • Limited– Consists of big, popular locations like popular streets or areas.
  • Exclusive– Consists of widely known streets or communities with minimal accessibility.
  • Rare– Rarest residential or commercial properties in Upland, which usually consists of the most prominent locations of the city.
  • Ultra-Rare– Extremely uncommon and unique residential or commercial properties in each city.
Upland Player/User Status

Upland users are classified into numerous levels. The status level of a user is figured out by his/her net worth, which is determined by integrating the possessions owned by him plus UPX holdings.

The greater the status, the more advantages he will get. Below are the different user classifications in Upland:

  • Visitor

When a brand-new user signs up with the platform, he begins with Visitor status. Usually a Visitor will have a net worth in between 0 to 9,999 UPX. Brand-new users require to log in routinely and restore their visas every 7 days. If any user stops working to do so, then his residential or commercial property will be recycled and his UPX tokens will be transferred back into the neighborhood swimming pool.

  • Uplander

Players with a net worth higher than 9,999 UPX can update to Uplanders. When you end up being an Uplander, your account and possessions will be completely saved in the network. Simply put, your possessions will not be recycled and you do not require to restore your visa routinely. With this status, you will get some additional advantages. Your video game account will get connected to your EOS account. You will likewise get access to a secondary market where you can offer your NFTs in UPX or USD.

  • Pro

Players with a net worth>>=100,000 UPX can be leveled approximately Pro. This status will open an intriguing function where the Pro icon will show up on your block explorer. If a user reaches this level throughout a particular duration of months, he/she will get Spark benefits.

  • Director

A gamer with a net worth>>=1,000,000 UPX comes from this status. Directors can personalize their block explorer according to their dreams. They can likewise send their favored style to the Upland style group, and the group will utilize that style to make a special block explorer. They are likewise qualified to get a. 5 Spark benefit for their accomplishment.

  • Executive

Players with a net worth of a minimum of 10,000,000 UPX can end up being an Executive. They get 1 Spark for their accomplishment and fall under the elite gamer classification.

  • Chief Executive

Last year, the Upland group consisted of the greatest status for their special users who are holding>>=-LRB- ,000,000 UPX.

In the next part of this series, we will describe in information how you can develop an account in Upland and how to purchase or offer a residential or commercial property.

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