In spite of advancements, why is Chainlink’s [LINK] not able to break out of bearish shackles

Chainlink now securing more than $75bn in assets throughout the crypto  industry

Chainlink is a decentralized network established to extend the performance of blockchains, by linking wise agreements to real-world information, occasions, payments, and off-chain calculation in an extremely tamper-resistant and trusted way.

Whilst offering its Chainlink Adoption Update on May 22, it was exposed that between May 16 to May 22, an overall of 16 combinations produced 3 Chainlink services. These services consisted of the Chainlink Feeds, Chainlink VRF, and the Chainlink Keepers.

It was likewise exposed that these combinations were made throughout the 4 various blockchains specifically; Ethereum, Polygon, BNBChain, and Fantom

Recording a 5% spike in rate in the last 24 hours, the network’s native token, LINK appeared to have made some development. Whilst these combinations were carried out over the last 7 days, how did this token respond?

No Chain Reaction?

Up 6% in the last 24 hours, the LINK token appeared to have suffered a decrease in the last 7 days. As these combinations were executed throughout the last 7 days, the rate of the LINK token handled a sag. Standing at $7.84 on May 16, the token saw a 6% loss in its cost in simply 7 days. 86% shy of its ATH of $5288, if this momentum of cross-chain combinations and utilize cases are kept, it may be en route to reaching the same3 as soon as again.

Furthermore, within the same duration, marketplace capitalization suffered a steady decrease. From the $3.66 billion significant market cap on 16 May, this stood at $3.45 b at press time despite the numerous combinations executed for the Chainlink Network

Although it suffered a cost reduction in the last 7 days, the very same duration appeared to have been marked by a bullish divergence for the LINK token. As might be obtained from rate charts at press time, the MACD preserved a position at the base of the pie chart bars with the MACD line converging with the pattern line in an upward pattern. This revealed increased purchasing pressure for the token in the last 7 days.

Similarly, in an upward curve towards the 50% neutral area in the last 7 days, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) for the Link token suggested a stable boost in purchasing pressure.

Up 6% in the last 24 hours with a matching 74% spike in trading volume, the bulls seemed to make a headway with this token.

Oliver Twist of Declines

The on-chain analysis exposed that the LINK did not just record lows on a rate front, specific on-chain metrics utilized to track development likewise reported decreases in the previous 7 days.

As anticipated, on a developmental front, the token taped some strides in the last 7 days, albeit extremely minute. This metric grew by a simple 1% in 7 days.

On a social front, regardless of the news of cross-chain combinations, the token taped no substantial traction recently. Given That 16 May, the Social Dominance, trying a high up on 17 May, has handled a drop. It stood at 0.529% at the time of press. The Social Volume likewise tape-recording a spike on 17 May reversed the pattern and went downward. This stood at 391 at press time.

Also, the last 7 days were marked by a progressive decrease in the deal volume for the LINK token. Within this window duration, the token decreased by 57%.

The index for Daily Active Addresses negotiating the LINK token visited a tremendous 72%.

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