Leading Video Game Artists Adopt NFTs to Help Ukraine, Collection to Release on Official MetaHistory Museum

Since the outbroke of the Russian-Ukrainian war, numerous celebs, social activities, and visual artists signed up with the league supporting Ukraine through cryptocurrency and NFT artwork. And the pattern simply does not stop. Now, a group of superior artists brings the assistance and commitment to a new level with lasting effect– the avatar NFT series. The spectacular visuals, the breathtakingly agonizing images, the suffocatingly practical similarity of the continuous ruthlessness, and the undying power of durability set this artwork apart and make them a strong location in the modern NFT art world.

Avatars for Ukraine + MetaHistory

A group of leading computer game market experts, credited for video game hits Rainbow Six, Warframe, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and a billion-downloaded Asphalt franchise, together with the most gifted Ukrainian digital artists produced a charity NFT collection to assist Ukraine. The collection will be launched on MAY 19 2022 on MetaHistory, a main Ukrainian charity NFT platform that has currently raised 260 ETH/ $722 k for Ukraine. Their effort is supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, a Ukrainian federal government organization understood for its pro-crypto position, that has currently raised more than 60 million for Ukraine in crypto contributions.

The charity NFT collection is called Avatars for Ukraine The title describes the initial significance of the word ‘avatar’, equated from Sanskrit as “version”. The sensational artwork catches the versions of whatever free Ukraine means: its soul, spirit, knowledge, and love. The collection is distinctively various from other avatars, not just in name. The artwork emerged throughout 2 months of war and was developed by 50 of the most skilled and well-known Ukrainian digital artists from both video game and film markets. Europe’s finest sci-fi illustrator Volodymyr Bondar, the prominent EuroCon award winner, contributed with special artwork. Volodymyr can be viewed as a version of spirit himself: he risked his life leaving lots of individuals from greatly shelled Kharkiv. Managers of the collection, lead artist, and the art director behind a billion-downloaded Asphalt video game franchise, both have the very same name, Kateryna. One Kateryna invested days concealing from airstrikes in the train with her felines, the other discovered shelter in Romania.

Many NFT collections are solely thinking about the cash element of it, and the speculative mindset of both purchasers and sellers fuels the debate around the marketplace. For the ideologists behind the Avatar collection, the function is honorable. Alexey Savchenko (UK), the previous service advancement supervisor for Epic and previous PR supervisor for GSC, states: “We believed if we were going to do NFT to assist Ukraine, we must do it in the very same method we construct our video game universes, with high production worths and the very best skills around us. Legendary Games, the business that will probably be the very first one to develop the ‘genuine metaverse’, raised $150 million for Ukraine”. Dmitry Tarabanov (Canada), video game designer credited for video game hits Rainbow Six and Warframe“: “Both video game and motion picture markets enable you to experience universes worth millions in production, at a cost of a couple of dollars, rather the opposite to the NFT culture. The sensational art developed by these artists is complimentary for all humankind to experience. If there is a historical artwork, like a sketch of the very first AT-AT walker from Star Wars, its initial is valuable. The artwork in this collection is historical. No matter the cost, all cash goes to Ukraine”.

MetaHistory NFT platform assisted the group by forming the NFT innovation to their high requirements. MetaHistory has a successful record as a charity NFT platform formally authorized by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, a pro-crypto federal government organization that has currently raised millions in crypto for Ukraine, and earlier partnered with Elon Musk to provide Starlink to Ukraine. The level of cooperation between the crypto market, electronic home entertainment, and authorities organizations has made this NFT collection extraordinary, in addition to the scenarios behind it. “We want there will disappear artwork developed in the biggest war because of WWII. We want there will be no famous artists painting while their cities are being shelled. We want there will disappear more than 70 products in this collection since every day this war has been including another artwork. Still, these NFTs are here and now to satisfy their fate, the noblest cause for this innovation that a person can think about: to assist great dominant, to purchase the future our company believes in, and to embrace the ideal instructions of history”, their joint declaration states.

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