Mozilla Bans Proof-of-Work Coins From Crypto Donation Revamp

Mozilla to Reinstate Crypto Donations — Organization Will Not Accept Proof -of-Work Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin News

  • Mozilla will begin accepting cryptocurrencies once again in June however proof-of-work coins will not be accepted
  • The group stopped its crypto contribution program in January list below reaction from fans
  • Mozilla will reveal its brand-new list of accepted cryptos in June

Firefox owner Mozilla will begin accepting cryptocurrencies once again, however, proof-of-work coins will not be welcome. The group revealed on Twitter that their just recently stopped crypto contribution program will resume at the end of June however, in line with its environment modification objectives, proof-of-work cryptocurrencies will not be accepted.

Mozilla Says No to Bitcoin (BTC) in Favor of Proof-of-Stake Cryptos

Mozilla drew awareness to its cryptocurrency contribution program, which had actually in reality been going given that 2014, in January however a strong reaction over their approval of proof-of-work coins resulted in the group pulling back and assuring to reconsider its policy, which it has now done.

An upgrade to our policy on accepting cryptocurrency contributions.

We got it incorrect, we heard you, and we’ve developed.

— Mozilla (@mozilla) April 7, 2022

Proof-of-Work Didn’t Work for Mozilla Fans

Mozilla’s statement in January that it was coordinating with BitPay to broaden its eight-year-old crypto contribution program decreased well in the crypto neighborhood however not with Mozilla’s fanbase, with among Mozilla’s co-founders even tweeting that “Everyone associated with the job ought to be witheringly embarrassed by this choice to partner with planet-incinerating Ponzi grifters.”

Mozilla Co-Founder Blasts Crypto Donors as 'Planet-Incinerating Ponzi  Grifters' - Decrypt

The action was so vociferous since, at the very same time as revealing the BitPay offer, Mozilla likewise released its ‘environment dedications’ which was at ideological loggerheads with the approval of proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, the mining of which is one of the most energy extensive approaches of accomplishing agreement on a blockchain. As an outcome, the business revealed that it was stopping its strategies while it reassessed its contribution plan.

Climate Goals Accelerate Move to Proof-of-stake

A post released recently by Mozilla kept in mind that the business will “no longer accept ‘proof-of-work’ cryptocurrencies” but “will accept ‘proof-of-stake’ cryptocurrencies, which are less energy extensive.” This list, which obviously will not include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Ethereum (yet) will be released “by the end of Q2 2022.”

Why did Mozilla decide to accept PoS crypto donations other than Bitcoin? -  The Coin Republic: Cryptocurrency , Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain News

The group then discussed the factor for its shift:

These choices are notified by our environment dedications. In January 2021 Mozilla promised to substantially decrease our greenhouse gas footprint year over year, intending to surpass the net no emissions dedication of the Paris Climate Agreement. The very first upgrade to our contribution policy targets that dedication: Proof-of-work cryptocurrencies can considerably increase our GHG footprint due to their energy extensive nature. Mozilla’s choice not to accept proof-of-work contributions makes sure that our fundraising activities stay lined up with our emissions dedication.

The relocation was invited by Mozilla advocates, although some were still distressed at the truth that cryptocurrencies were being accepted at all (where have they been for the last 8 years?), with crypto fans weighing in on the seasonal proof-of-stake vs proof-of-work ideological fight:

Good to see your view on Proof of Stake. Your view on Proof of Work does not have sincerity.

— Batist (@BatistVh) April 12, 2022

One can just picture the sorrow that Mozilla is going to get in June when it avoids Bitcoin and Ethereum for EOS, Cardano, and Tron.

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