PizzaDAO to host world’s most significant pizza celebration on May 22 to celebrate very first BTC purchase

Crypto community celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day | by Andrey Costello | All  about cloud Bitcoin mining — Hashmart Blog | Medium

PizzaDAO is sponsoring more than 100 regional pizzerias from 75 nations to hand out free pfor izza to commemorate Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22.

PizzaDAO will utilize the income from its Rare Pizzas job to money the occasion. The Rare Pizzas collection consists of 10,000 generative baked pizza NFTs produced by more than 300 topping artists worldwide.

PizzaDAO’s greatest fans, Cheech and Chong, Seth Green, Steve Aoki, and 13- time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani, are likewise among the numerous who sign up with and promote the occasion. The occasion will likewise raise funds for several charities.

Gemignani talked about the occasion and stated:

” Working with PizzaDAO has been such a fantastic partnership and we are eagerly anticipating assisting to pizza the world on 5/22/22! I like that the pizza can assist a lot of individuals– charity, medical facilities, firemen, or simply your neighbor… everybody likes pizza and we are more than happy to be included.”

The world’s biggest pizza celebration will happen in popular areas in London, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Vancouver, Chicago, Boston, the streets of New York in Little Italy, the San Francisco Temple Nightclub, and the 99 the flooring of the Willis Tower.


PizzaDAO was developed in February 2021 with the concept that pizza ought to be free and available to all. The job leverages Web3 tools that bring capital and offer addition to support independent services, particularly regional pizzerias, to assist them to scale up.

Snax, the creator of PizzaDAO, stated:

” We wish to alter the world by utilizing blockchain to allow neighborhood ownership of small companies. Much like Bitcoin presented a social shift in the method human beings work together, trade, and show ownership, PizzaDAO intends to empower small companies to grow by bringing pizzerias on-chain, raising funds to provide pizza away totally free, and structuring strong locally-focused neighborhoods worldwide,

The job has more than 400 pizzerias in its network and has invested more than $400 thousand in supplying complimentary pizza because of its facility.

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day is well known every year on MayMarch 22, to celebrate Laszlo Hanyecz, who paid 10,000 Bitcoin for 2 big pizzas in 2010.

Why the World Marks Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22 Every Year - BitcoinKE

Hanyecz, a developer from Florida, was an early Bitcoin miner. On May 18, he published on an online forum and used 10,000 Bitcoins in exchange for 2 big pizzas. His deal didn’t get any reactions till May 22 even though somebody explained that 10,000 Bitcoins deserved $41, which was excessive for 2 big pizzas, Hanyecz still followed up with his deal and purchased 2 big pizzas with 10,000 Bitcoin.

Even though Hanyecz released the very first Bitcoin payment in history as we understand of, the quantity he paid equates to around $290 million, even after the current market fall.

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