Polygon, Avalanche Founders Feud Over Subnet, Supernet Functionalities

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As a growing number of users are getting into the Web 3 area, scaling has turned into one of the most intriguing discussions. Move over Layer 1 and Layer 2. The current beef is in between Subnet and Supernet.

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal took a jibe at Avalanche’s management, calling it “insecure” and “resorting to shit talking.”

Subnet and Supernet

It all began when Polygon revealed Supernet to speed up the adoption of layer 2 in addition to blockchain innovation.

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The brand-new performance intends to resolve difficulties such as the intricacy of bootstrapping a decentralized and trusted validator set with properly designed coordination systems, the technical intricacy of blockchain networks, in addition to security issues changing in between various architectures, and so on. For the advancement and adoption of Supernets, Polygon devoted $100 million in funds.

Avalanche, on the other hand, is dealing with its ‘subnet’ performance, influenced by sharding, and intends to substantially scale application-specific blockchains. In this regard, the layer 2 community dedicated $290 million to AVAX in a quote to promote the effort.

Both ideas eventually intend to scale blockchains however have a couple of subtleties. Avalanche neighborhood members have wept nasty that Polygon’s supernet is a copy of subnet.

The Beef

According to Polygon’s co-founder, the release of ‘supernet’ has made Avalanche management “frightened” and implicated them of being “strongly condescending and constantly attempting to gaslight other neighborhoods.” He likewise stated that Avalanche’s mainchain “is a total failure” which the gas costs have “end up being unhealthy with small traction.”

Nailwal specified that subnets run rather comparable to second-layer architecture or sidechains, something that Ethereum-based Layer 2 procedures have currently been providing for years. He declared that the neighborhood is being cheated on by yet another “Ethereum killer.”

sidechains/L2s. In the end if you required sidechains/L2s to scale then how is it various than what ETH-L2 neighborhoods are providing for YEARS

I m sorry to break it to you however you got cheated when again by yet another Eth killer, anon. Awaken!

— Sandeep– Use Stripe on Polygon (@sandeepnailwal) May 4, 2022

Avalanche creator Emin Gün Sirer reacted back, stating,

” You need to deal with developing a chain that does not reverse every day.”

While numerous excused his online habits, the Avalanche officer merely stated he would do it once again.

Sorry, Emin however avalanche crowd not did do anything to ridicule and make fun of polygon considering their supernets announcement. Including you. I would anticipate a lot more professionalism from the greatest blockchain contractors.

— cryptodungeon (@TomasVanicekk) May 5, 2022

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