Raca Launches Updates for USM Metaverse and Play-to-earn Game Metamon, Which Pumps and Achieved a Total Trading Volume of Over $40 Million

RACA, accountable for the advancement of the USM metaverse and the play-to-earn video game Metamon World, has revealed a series of updates to its items. When it comes to USM, the upgrade (0.9.0 Patch) was published on the main RACA Discord channel and consists of a brand-new staking system and a brand-new structure system for USM Landowners.

What’s brand-new in @USMverse #USM Patch 0.9.0?

✅ New Self-Building Mode
✅ Building Exchange
✅ Custom NFT Furnitures

Check it out!

— Radio Caca (@RadioCacaNFT) May 16, 2022

Check out the primary modifications:

  1. New structure system: Players can construct on USM land.
  2. New staking system: Players can stake in-game properties for benefits.
  3. Furniture exchange now online: Players can integrate their furnishings pieces for furnishings.

Features going thorough screening:

1. Land staking test– One piece of land can be staked for one day, getting 10 Furniture Fragments as benefits, for an optimum quota of 2,00 0 lands.

2. Furnishings exchange test– Items can be traded for non-tradable in-game props functional on an owner’s land. They will be exchanged at a low expense for the benefit of screening. An overall of 5 structure types and 20 furnishings types are exchangeable for this spot.

3. Structure system test– a) Enter the Account website, deposit your land into USM, and choose the land in the knapsack for teleportation. b) Press G and begin home builder mode, choose your furnishings, put them at the chosen place, and conserve. c) For practical products like Holographic Display, click F to connect and set screen.

Upcoming teasers:

  1. Greater performance for furnishings and structures
  2. UI optimization
  3. Special star performances

Metamon World

Since the start of May, RACA has likewise been revealing a series of news and updates for its play-to-earn video game Metamon World, which, according to information launched by RACA, currently has a trading volume of more than $40 million in its in-game market. Overall, there have been more than 4 million deals.

Metamon | DappRadar

Metamon Island’s In-game NFT Marketplace goes beyond 4 million deals since May 6!

Thank you for positioning your rely on us

Remember, we are actively suppressing the supply of #Metamon using buybacks. #BNBChain #Binance @BNBChain @Binance rvIC1wtL

— Radio Caca (@RadioCacaNFT) May 15, 2022

All Metamon deals likewise assisted the RACA market to be amongst the top 10 markets developed on BNBChain in the last 30 days, according to information from DappRadar It likewise positioned the RACA market in top place amongst all markets developed on BNBChain in trading volume over the last 24 hours. According to information from the Dapps tracking site, RACA’s market managed more than $447,00 0 with a boost of more than 10% in the variety of users.

radio caca raca

Updates for the play-to-earn video game Metamon were revealed in the main Discord channel (Patch 4.1.21):

  1. Added energy for Spaceship and Rocket NFTs: owners can declare tickets in the Space City.
  2. Spaceship and Rocket can be traded on the in-game market


1) Spaceship owners can declare 3 area tickets every day (reset at 0: 00 UTC);-LRB-

2) Rocket owners can declare 3 area tickets weekly (reset on Monday at 0: 00 UTC);-LRB-

3) You require to pay 1000 u-RACA per area ticket when you declare them.

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