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BlockDown Festival: Croatia | CryptoSlate

BlockDown Conference, in the lovely Croatian city of Sibenik, covered subjects from NFTs to Defi, from video gaming to DAOs, and provided procedures from all blockchain spectrum: Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and beyond.


  • Crypto tokens discovered applications not just in art, financing & & payments, video gaming, or social involvement, but likewise stimulated usage of goodness.
  • NFTs and metaverse are a brand-new economy with play-to-earn, NFTs leasing, or NFT-auth. NFTs worth $160 million vanish every year.
  • #EthereumKillersRace is warming up with Moonbeam( on Polkadot) and Evmos( on Cosmos) opening brand-new scalability and interoperability frontiers.
  • A great time will not last permanently. Raise more cash than required.
  • Mass adoption is easy. Ask degens for crypto guidance.

Introduction: Token Utilization

There are a lot of tokens (often called coins): crypto-currencies, stablecoins, NFTs, … What is the function of a lot of tokens?

  1. Utilization of financing & & payment
    This is what Satoshi proposed in his well-known whitepaper– a payment system without an intermediary (such as banks) and called this network– Bitcoin.
    With Ethereum allowing wise contacts, Defi began (and removed any kind of intermediaries in any sort of monetary service)
  2. Utilization of Art & & Beauty
    Artists from all over the world through the NFTs market get instant access to a worldwide audience on day 0. Art– social and equalized.
  3. Utilization of Social Participation
    Who hasn’t found out about DAOs– decentralized confidential companies. Having a (democratic) company hasn’t been simpler in history.
  4. Utilization of Experimentation & & Gaming
    Play-to-end or NFT-authentication to video gaming.
  5. Utilization of Ethics & & Goodness
    NFT-artists purchasing NFTs of new comments to support them, devs from any chains and procedures sharing their hands-on experience with anyone … blockchain revived the kindness … Huge thanks to @sreyeMnayR for pointing this out!

NFTs and metaverse …

Metaverse is a lot more than simply logging with NFT to a video game hosted on AWS. It was never simpler to construct a brand-new on-chain video game. with its structure is here to assist. And when you require to obtain NFT, go to reNFT

Watch out– NFTs worth millions vanish every year

Blockchain is popular for keeping the complete history of each deal from its start– the genesis block– up until today. Each blockchain node is saving this history. How is it then possible that every year NFTs worth over $160 mn vanish?

Storing information in the blockchain is pricey. NFTs resolve this issue by saving in the blockchain just an outright minimum of info– link to the meta-file, which is someplace (in the cloud) beyond blockchain. Those metafiles consist of more NTF-related details such as links to files with media. Those media files are kept in dispersed or non-distributed file storage systems. Whatever in this procedure can fail:

  • lost metafile from the cloud server
  • lost media files from the file storage system

Most insecure are NFTs, which save media in the (centralized) file storage systems. Fortunately, Top Dog Studios, co-founded by Paul, is here to assist you if your NFT was lost.

Ethereum Killers’ race accelerates

How to scale up your procedure? How to prevent blockages on Ethereum? One choice is to opt for L2s on Ethereum ( noted here), sidechains (EVM-compatible chains), or construct a brand-new L1. Thanks to Polkadot and Cosmos structure L1 never has been much easier.

Polkadot vs Cosmos

Who will be the Ethereum Killers? Polkadot or Cosmos? Both environments have EVM-compatible chains– Moonbeam and Acala on Polkadot and Evmos on Cosmos.

Polkadot Vs. Cosmos: Who's Winning The Multi-Chain War?

  • Polkadot and Cosmos are L0 options that enable the simple advancement of brand-new L1 chains (say goodbye to forks!).
  • Both Polkadot and Cosmos enable L1 chains to re-use their agreement system and to quickly interact with other chains within the environment.
  • The significant distinction is that parachains (Polkadot L1) re-use likewise Polkadot validators and require to win so call auction slots to be linked to the Polkadot relay chain.
  • In the case of Cosmos, there is no relay chain nor any other significant chain in the community. Each L1 needs to have its validators.

Other oppositions to Smart Economy– Neo

Neo is an L1 blockchain that proposed a brand-new clever economy that lines up worth production & & worth capture. Thank you @ Lili_zurich for highlighting it.

Bridging the space between Degens and Regulator

  • Degens are early adopters of a speculative monetary system whose risk-taking fight tests brand-new dispersed software application systems and financial systems.
  • In other words, degens are crypto veterans that constantly remain on top of the current techs, make unbelievable yields (frequently more than 100% and even 1000% p.a.), and can quickly compare genuine crypto break-through and residue.
  • Degens is breaking and fighting screening a brand-new Defi frontier for everybody
  • Regulators still see Defi as a gambling establishment.

Piece of suggestions for Web3 creators from the VC panel

  • The great times will not last permanently. How will novice creators respond when things go south?
    ->> Raise more cash than required.
  • You take on Bank of America and other giants.
  • 1 +1>> 2
    ->> Team with quality in different locations can do more
  • Best creators make difficult (typically tough, as team-related) choices quickly.
  • To breed or not to nurture? I did Google Campus incubator with my very first start-up in Web2. For a techy, it was a terrific experience, as I discovered what CRM or sales funnel is and why tech start-up requires sales and marketing;-RRB-.
    ->> Incubators benefit novice creators.

Piece of recommendations for Web3 creators from the DAO panel

  • Mass adoption is simpleness
  • We remain in the shot and mistake stage of DAOs
  • Don’t go back to square one. Fork, boost, prosper!
  • DAO has the distinct capability to line up all stakeholders to enter a typical instructions
  • Bring rewards not just for the neighborhood but likewise for devs

Closing Thoughts with Luna/Terra in the back

Web3 is currently here with its brand-new wise economy and makes incredible possible. It is simple to get lost in the circulation of development and ends up being more crucial than ever to get suggestions for crypto experts, particularly in the scenarios like Luna/Terra crash. Degens are here to assist. And platforms like Sommelier or Yanus Protocol discover degens for you.

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