The Rise of Buy Now-Pay Later Payment Options for Consumers and Businesses

Buy Now Pay Later not just a festive craze, demand likely to rise, BFSI  News, ET BFSI

As lots of as 2 in 3 Americans have more interest in buy now pay later on (BNPL) in 2022 compared to before the pandemic.

The growing need for BNPL is highlighted in an infographic by Opry, a payments fintech.

The infographic shares the outcomes of the study that examined the patterns and viewpoints of 1,000 United States customers.

Consumers Want Flexible Payment Options

It reveals that customers are requiring versatile payment alternatives, with 43% of oral clients desiring BNPL and the very same variety of family pet owners reporting that choice.

The bulk of participants stated that having versatility overpayments is the most preferred function of BNPL.

Consumer Anxiety Over Payments

Flexible Payment Options Are Not Just Important to Consumers – SMBs Want  Them Too

The infographic reveals that almost 75% of customers aged between 43 and 57 are stressed over health care expenses. 66% of family pet owners are worried about managing future veterinarian expenses. With issues about payments prevalent, 2 in 3 Americans recognize BNPL as an option for credit, debit, or money, the study discovered.

Benefits of BNPL

The research study took a look at what customers consider as the advantages of BNPL. 43% of family pet moms and dads mentioned payment versatility as the most significant benefit. 30% of the participants like utilizing BNPL to prevent charge card costs and interest, and 22% of customers like the reasonable, set rates BNPL uses.

What is Buy Now Pay Later | Launch Your BNPL Product | Decentro

Who has an interest in BNPL?

Opry’s research study checked out various demographics’ relationships with this kind of payment option.

I discovered that customers found on the East Coast are likelier to utilize BNPL than on the West Coast, with 55% of East Coast participants stating they have an interest in BNPL compared to 42% on the West Coast.

The research study likewise revealed that millennials’ interest in BNPL has increased more than any other age throughout the pandemic.

Opry’s study may be focused on veterinary and oral payments, however, it stresses the value of providing customers BNPL and versatile payment services, no matter what products the service is offering.

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