The Russia-Ukraine war has actually enhanced Americans’ understanding of China

China's place in the Russia-Ukraine war | On Point

The continuous Russia-Ukraine war is improving worldwide geopolitics, sealing some alliances while threatening to thwart other relationships.

One method that’s playing out is the American public’s understanding of Moscow and Beijing, according to brand-new study outcomes from the US-based Pew Research.

Since Russia got into Ukraine in late February, the share of Americans surveyed who state China is a rival of the United States has grown from 54% in January to 62% since March. The share who states China is an opponent has fallen from 35% to 25%.

The other side has occurred in Americans’ understanding of Russia: the share who states Russia is an opponent increased to 70%, up from 41% in January. Just 24% state Russia is a rival, a sharp drop from 49% before the war.

Pew’s study polled 3,581 United States grownups from March 21 to 27.

A propaganda win for Beijing?

With no reputable popular opinion studies in China, it’s difficult to understand whether the Chinese people’s understanding of the United States and Russia has altered because the latter attacked Ukraine.

We do understand, nevertheless, that Chinese federal government propaganda has been striving to portray the United States as the supreme provocateur of the Russia-Ukraine war. A series of current main commentaries in the state-controlled People’s Daily along with the armed force’s main mouthpiece, individuals’ Liberation Daily, have blamed the United States for triggering the war and benefiting from it.

China Pounces on Russia's Ukraine Invasion to Launch Propaganda Blitz -  Rolling Stone

Meanwhile, Beijing authorities have taken a position that some referred to as “pro-Russia neutrality,” attempting to optimize gain from continuing its relations with Moscow, Brussels, and Washington.

Beijing has indirectly supported Moscow by parroting Russian propaganda’s talking points and stories. China might purchase more energy and farming items that Russia can’t offer somewhere else due to sanctions. Chinese companies have likewise complied with sanctions and stopped organization ties with Russia At the same time, Beijing has highlighted the humanitarian help that it’s sending out to Ukraine while duplicating platitudes about desiring peace

This excessive variety of maneuvers– where China has stopped short of clearly supporting Moscow but has up until now not condemned Russia’s intrusion and atrocities in Ukraine– might well blunt any friend-foe binary that Americans might have in their evaluation of China. If that’s undoubtedly the case, Beijing will have scored a propaganda success.

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