Why Does Terra Want to Create a New Blockchain?

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Terra is going through a scenario that nobody in the community would wish to go through. The rate of LUNA drops to virtually no, and UST de-pegged with a present rate of $0.08 Little and big financiers all over the world were impacted, and the effects do not appear to be over. You can take a look at this post to understand more about how this crisis began and how we got here.

Currently, Terra Labs’ legal group has resigned and the South Korean federal government is requesting descriptions from Do Kwon, the Founder of Terra. It’s not all bad news for Terra since there is a ballot proposition that will attempt to provide brand-new life to the Terra environment. Let’s find out what is this about.

Voting Proposal No 1623: Terra’s Second Attempt

On May 18 th, the Terra Builder Alliance shared a governance proposition to have a brand-new Terra chain. Simply put, here are the proposed steps:

  • Create a brand-new Terra chain without UST
  • The existing Terra chain will be called “Terra Classic”
  • The brand-new name of LUNA will be LUNC (Luna Classic)
  • LUNC stakers will have LUNA through an airdrop.
  • Incentivize designers about Terra Classic.


The Terra Builder Alliance is delighted to lastly share a united proposition for the vision of the brand-new Terra 2.0 chain.

This united proposition has just been possible through a superhuman effort from everybody included.

— TerraBuilderAlliance (@TerraBuildersU) May 18, 2022

The ballot procedure ends in 6 days (May 25 th). There are presently more than 150.8 million votes up until now which represents 40.04% of overall citizens. These are the present outcomes:

  • Yes (801%)
  • No (0.34%)
  • No with Veto (1956%)
More About Terra’s Voting Proposal 2.0

This ballot proposition is the 2nd variation of the initial one released on May 16 th. The distinction between both is that the 2nd proposition attempts to conserve LUNA. The 2nd proposition covers users that purchased LUNA after the issue appeared.

Moreover, the most recent Terra’s token circulation will alter, It will have the list below circulation. More information here

  • Community Pool: 25%
  • Pre-attack LUNA holders: 35%
  • Pre-attack Aust holders: 10%
  • Post-attack LUNA holders: 10%
  • Post-attack UST holders: 20%

Also, there will be 3 token funds for designers:

  • Emergency: It represents 0.5% of the overall supply
  • Developer Alignment: It has 1.5% of the overall supply
  • Developer Mining: It has 8% of the overall supply

It’s crucial to state that lots of LUNA holders commented that they would choose a burning system rather than a fork since they wish to repair the existing algorithm and return the UST peg. This would likewise compensate all LUNA holders despite when they purchased LUNA.

However, other citizens desire payment for UST holders with any of the funds that Terra has. With that method, users can get more UST.


The Terra environment is going through historical modifications that are most likely to have much more updates to attempt to reactivate it as rapidly as possible. It is needed not to take rash steps and a lot of must wait for the environment to reconstruct effectively.

We will continue to keep you notified of future choices that Terra will make now and in the future.

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