Why Polygon Is the Future of Gaming

Crypto Polygon (MATIC) Starts Burning, Will The Price Rise Again?

We all understand Polygon (MATIC) by now as a terrific Layer 2 sidechain. Developed on Ethereum, assisting to fix Ethereum issues. The infamous low throughput, high gas costs, postponed PoW finality, and more. Now, they are handling the next action. Video gaming in Web 3.0.

Ryan Wyatt, the CEO at Polygon Studios, sees Polygon as the future for video gaming on Web 3.0. Before that, he was the head of YouTube video gaming. Let’s take an appearance at what Polygon can do for video gaming in Web 3.0.

Here’s why I believe @ 0xPolygon is the future of video gaming in web3:

Our group has dealt with whatever from platforms (Amazon, Unity, YouTube, Google Play) to significant studios (EA, Riot Games, Activision; numerous CoD titles) to native web3 (Mythical)

ETH + Polygon is the future.

— Ryan Wyatt (@Fwiz) May 15, 2022

 What Has Polygon Already Achieved in Gaming?

Polygon operates in Web 2.0 with Draft Kings, Facebook, and Stripe. There are likewise a couple of offers coming up that they can’t reveal. They likewise dealt with significant studios. EA, Riot Games, or Activision. Simply among others.

However, their primary focus is checking out the future, which indicates Web 3.0. They worked with designers from The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Animoca Brands. These become part of the 3 most significant metaverses and video games presently in the Web 3.0 sphere.

Furthermore, they currently dealt with MetaMask, OpenSea, and Forte. This reveals that they cover all bases. NFTs, video gaming, and metaverse jobs. That is why Ryan sees Ethereum and Polygon as the future.

 What Tools Will Polygon Use to Develop the Gaming Market?

Polygon utilizes a range of suites that will assist them to establish the video gaming market. Let’s take a look at the 3 primary suites they utilize.

 Polygon PoS

This is their primary or public chain. Presently, they currently tape-recorded 1.3 billion deals. They have 130 million special wallets. Contribute to these an approximated 2.7 million users monthly. As an outcome, this makes them the most tested scaling option in the Web 3.0 area.

They use 4 significant benefits.

  1.  Speed–65,000 TPS, and you manage your secrets. Polygon earnings from the security that Ethereum provides.
  2.  Scalability— Compatible with all significant ERC-20 requirements.
  3.  Flexibility— Easy transfers between Polygon and Ethereum. Wallets on the internet and your mobile are user-friendly.
  4.  Cost— Average expense is $0.002 per deal. That is 10,000 x more affordable compared to Ethereum.
 Polygon Edge

This enables designers to develop and run their adjustable blockchain. Fit whatever to your particular video game requirements. You can manage gas expenses and specify the validator sets.

The finality of deals is immediate. Block production time is a simple 2 seconds. Cross-chain interaction admits to a range of other chains.

 Polygon ID

With Polygon ID, designers can confirm on-chain qualifications without losing personal privacy. They utilize zkSNARK innovation for this. Among the important things this does is to show gain access to rights, not identity. Polygon ID has advanced on-chain confirmation readily available.


We saw in this post that Polygon is prepared to handle and construct the video gaming market. They see the future in Web 3.0 video gaming and established a suite of items to accommodate designers and jobs. They currently deal with the greatest tasks in the video gaming and metaverse market. The future for Polygon Studios and its function in the video gaming world looks brilliant.



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