Worry and Greed Index Hits 8; Lowest Since Covid-19 Crash of March 2020

Fear And Greed Index For Bitcoin Has Dropped To $34K, Causing 'Extreme  Fear' - CoinCu News

The Fear and Greed Index is among the easiest yet most popular signs of cryptocurrency market belief. Today, its worth dropped to 8 on a 0-100 scale, which last took place over 2 years earlier throughout the COVID-19 crash.

The Fear and Greed Index is among the easiest yet most popular indications of cryptocurrency market belief. Today, its worth dropped to 8 on a 0-100 scale, which last took place over 2 years back throughout the COVID-19 crash.

The exceptionally low worths of the Fear and Greed Index show that there is a severe worry in the cryptocurrency market today. Generally such conditions, according to Warren Buffett’s popular slogan, are exceptional purchasing chances.

” Be afraid when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are afraid.”

Despite this, a basic, direct analysis of this indication in the crypto market might result in a fast liquidation of funds. Severe worry typically begins at the very start of decreases, and severe greed long before the end of the boost.

Moreover, historical analysis of the Fear and Greed Index moving averages reveals that even completion of decreases did not suggest the start of uptrends. It ends up that it constantly took several months from the severe lows of the index to the start of the cryptocurrency booming market. This time was typically a duration of long debt consolidation and a sideways pattern.

Fear and Greed Index least expensive given that the COVID-19 crash

According to information from Alternative. me today’s worth of the Fear and Greed Index is 8 on a 0-100 scale. This worth follows about 6 months of decreases. Throughout this duration, the index has hardly ever surpassed the severe worry (0-24 variety) or worry (25-49) location.

In the whole readily available history of the index, a worth of 8 or lower has just bed 3 times before (red circles). This took place in February 2018 (BTC bottomed at $6,000), August 2019 (BTC bottomed at $9,320), and March 2020 (BTC bottomed at $3,782).

Even when bitcoin reached the macro bottom of the previous bearishness at $3156 in December 2018, it drove the Fear and Greed Index to a reading of 9. Today we see a reading of 8 or lower for the 4th time because this indication was produced.

The end of the bearishness? Not always!

It would appear that severe low worths of the Fear and Greed Index appear just at outright lows in the BTC cost. Just by analyzing the examples above, we can see that even severe readings do not always signify a bottom in the Bitcoin rate.

Crypto market expert @Pladizow tweeted a chart of the BTC rate, explaining locations where the index provided incredibly low readings. He validated– according to our analysis– that the indication has been this low just 4 times in history (the March 2020 crash appears two times in his chart). He included that “after very first 2, rate dropthe ped much even more.”

Another illustration of the very same issue not translating the index in a basic, inverted method is supplied by a chart from It color-codes the long-lasting chart of Bitcoin to supply info about the Fear and Greed Index on a provided day.

Indeed, severe red readings appear at the lows of the BTC cost. In addition to this, we can effectively discover them at numerous phases of prolonged decreases. On the other hand, we see severe green readings currently in the very first weeks and months of boosts. Reaching the previous 2 all-time highs– $64,500 in April 2021 and $69,000 in November 2021– was not at all accompanied by the greenest of green dots.

Waiting for EMO cross

In a current analysis for BeInCrypto, @AtomowyInvestor explained how the moving averages of the index can be utilized to much better figure out the state of the cryptocurrency market. He mentioned the so-called “EMO cross,” which in the previous 2 circumstances was an excellent signal for the start of the booming market.

An EMO cross is when the short-term moving averages (quarterly, SMA 91 and semi-annual, SMA 182) of the Fear and Greed Index cross above the long-lasting (yearly, SMA 365). In addition, the quarterly likewise crosses above the semi-annual at this moment. The last 2 times this lly occurred (white circles), it has indicated the initiation of the 2019 and 2020-2021 booming market.

In the existing market circumstance, the moving averages we have an interest in are currently in their pre-bull market positions. They are still rather far from being crossed. In current weeks, their charts stay flat and do not reveal a pattern leading to a fast breakout. Atomic Investor describes such status as “Awaiting”.

In conclusion, the severe low readings of the Fear and Greed Index are not a lot a signal of a market bottom as a progressive pattern towards one. Just analyzing optimum worry in the market as a short-term buy signal is a problematic method.

Nevertheless, unfavorable belief must be the point at which a smart financier takes a significantly strong interest in the bleeding market and patiently searches for chances to participate. Generally, nevertheless, the reverse holds.

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