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Are CyberKongz a True Blue-Chip NFT?

What are Blue Chip NFTs? -

CyberKongz is among the collections that are frequently up for argument.

Before we enter into this argument, let’s comprehend the history of this collection. We initially had a look at them in November of 2015. 4 months might not appear like a lot, however in NFT time, that may too be an entire year. Let’s review and choose if our analysis of CyberKongz being a blue-chip is right.

First launched to the general public on March 3rd of 2021, you’d be hard-pressed to discover tasks that have been around longer. An overall of 989 Genesis CyberKongz increased for sale, for 0.01 ETH each. The job rapidly got steam over the coming weeks. This culminated with 11 famous Kongz being auctioned off for 200 ETH integrated.

And then, on April 17 th, whatever altered for Kong holders. The job moved to a brand-new agreement, which enabled all brand-new energy for holders. New includes for holders consisted of:

  • Breeding (produce BabyKongz and Kong VX)
  • $ BANANA Yield
  • Renaming and Custom Biographies

The CyberKongz gradually altered from an easy pfp task to a passive income-generating device.

How Much Do CyberKongz Generate?

Each Genesis Kong produces 10 $BANANA each day, and will for about 9-10 more years. When we initially took a look at this collection, that corresponded to ~ USD 480 daily in passive yield. Now, with the cost of $BANANA sitting at $1166, it is more in the series of $116/ day.

While that is absolutely nothing to belittle, it is down considerably from simply a couple of months back. Presently, just 513 wallets are holding $BANANA. With more energy coming, this is a token to keep your eyes on.

Currently, $BANANA can be utilized to:

  • Write bio- 100 $BANANA
  • Custom name- 10 $BANANA
  • VX Kong name modification- 2 $BANANA

But, Play & & Kollect is coming, broadening the energy of this token far from previous visual modifications.

What Is Play & & Collect?

CyberKongz’s 2nd huge deliverable for holders (aside from Baby and VX Kong) is their Play & & Collect Jungle Adventure. Working on the Polygon Network, holders can engage with little-to-no gas charges or worry of ecological effect.

We are happy to reveal the most recent addition to the CyberKongz environment!


An ON-CHAIN combination that will use all elements of our existing community, and more!

Read more in our most current medium post: nD2cNI

— CyberKongz (@CyberKongz) January 30, 2022

CyberKongz VX holders can develop teams of one to 5 and send them on an objective to collect Kongium Ore. This ore (or ERC-1155 NFT) is redeemable for a share of the season’s $BANANA swimming pool and other unique benefits. Each season happens over an overall of 10 days, providing lots of chances for everybody to get their share of the benefits.

Where does $BANANA element into this?

First of all, each team can go on one complimentary experience daily. Holders take in the fuel rod they get for their team and have the ability to collect resources for free. After this, every extra resource event journey you wish to send your team on will cost 0.4 $BANANA. And include, the swimming pool of extra $BANANA that will collect from holders sending their teams on additional objectives will return to the neighborhood. 50% will enter into the season’s reward swimming pool, 10% enter into a neighborhood treasury, and 40% are burned.

Deflationary mechanics, along with gamified energy, might bring $BANANA back to the passive generation goldmine as soon as was.

Is CyberKongz a Blue-Chip Collection?

When it boils down to this concern, this argument is getting more fascinating by the week. Brand-new jobs are minting daily. And in these jobs minting over the last couple of months, there are some brand-new collections in this argument.

But, what CyberKongz and other popular jobs supply is long-lasting stability. Because completion of September, through bull and bear cycles, CyberKongz has kept its flooring rate. Simply take a look at this chart using  Mintalytics On September 26 th, the flooring cost was 6.4 ETH. At the time of composing, that flooring cost is 6.55 ETH. There have been ups and downs in the months because however the flooring never dipped listed below 4 ETH. In the same period, that same flooring rate struck highs of 17.1 ETH in October and nearly 14 ETH in January.

The primary qualifier of a blue-chip collection needs to be cost stability, and there’s no doubt that CyberKongz supplies precisely that. Not just was their flooring cost steady, but Genesis holders have likewise been generating $BANANA for practically a year now. Some diamond-hand holders have made a quite great annual wage from holding their CyberKong. Remember, Genesis holders because the start has been producing ~$100-$400 each day.

Buyers can feel quite safe putting their Ethereum into this collection. They do not need to fret about their NFTs losing half their worth overnight. Holders do not have a factor to even inspect the flooring cost. They passively make a year’s income and continue to see worth from the designers.

CyberKongz is most certainly a blue-chip collection and will be for a very long time, if not permanently.

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