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Bison Bank approved Portugal’s landmark digital possession license, goes for an exchange

Home » Business » Bison Bank granted Portugal’s landmark digital asset license, aims for an exchange One of the most digital asset tax-friendly countries globally, Portugal, has awarded its first virtual currency operating license to the Lisbon-based Bison Bank. The bank is aiming to develop the Bison Digital Assets exchange. According to the local media…

Bison Bank Becomes Portugal's First Financial Institution to Receive Crypto  License (Report)

One of the most digital property tax-friendly nations internationally, Portugal, has granted its very first virtual currency running license to the Lisbon-based Bison Bank. The bank is intending to establish the Bison Digital Assets exchange.

According to the regional media site Sapo, the nation’s reserve bank called Banco de Portugal provided complete consent to introduce the Bison Digital Assets exchange to provide varied virtual currency support. The Portuguese platform can now use custodial and exchange services to the country.

The bank has currently been supplying various banking and conventional property management services, consisting of custody, depository, and financial investment support. According to its site, Bison Bank is “totally held by personal Chinese capital from Hong Kong” and has been bridging European and Asian monetary markets.

Per Sapo, although the bank had losses of EUR10 million ($108 million) in 2021, the bank “still guarantees that 2015’s outcomes permit it to continue to follow up the facility of the structures for the breakeven merging procedure.”

The digital property tax sanctuary

Bison Bank is the very first to get a main digital currency license from the nation’s reserve bank. Portugal is not brand-new to the possession class. Given That the Southwest European nation deals with digital properties as a type of currency and not capital gains, individuals are exempt from value-added tax (VAT), indicating 0% tax on virtual currencies as long as users do not supply services in exchange for digital possessions.

Portugal's Bison Bank Acquires Crypto License from the Central Bank |  Blockchain News

According to a CNBC report in February, a Dutch household called the “Taihuttus” has picked to settle in Portugal for its digital currency tax laws after taking a trip to 40 nations in the previous 5 years, stating, “You do not pay any capital gains tax or anything else in Portugal on cryptocurrency.”

Unlike some other nations like the U.S., Portugal does not tax digital possessions as home, making it “a truly appealing location for crypto users to live,” according to Shehan Chandrasekera, head of the tax method at

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