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Boba Network Team Announces WAGMI Upgrade to Grow Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup Scaling Solution

Boba Network looks to continually leverage the WAGMI incentives program via a newly-released V2 upgrade which offers fresh improvements.The team behind Boba Network, a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling & augmenting solution, recently announced the imminent release of WAGMI v2. The new release is the latest WAGMI incentives program update and officially rolls out today, April 1st 2022.In…

Boba Network Ecosystem: Another Overlooked Layer-2 Scaling Solution For  Ethereum

Boba Network aims to constantly take advantage of the WAGMI rewards program through a newly-released V2 upgrade which provides fresh enhancements.

The group behind Boba Network, a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling & & enhancing service, just recently revealed the impending release of WAGMI v2. The brand-new release is the most recent WAGMI rewards program upgrade and is formal presented today, April 1st, 2022.

In a declaration, Boba Network creator Alan Chiu excited:

” We are thrilled to reveal the rollout of WAGMI v2, with which we are executing objectives particular to Boba Network dApps that will eventually, even more, increase our network’s deal count.”

In addition, Chiu discussed some significant standouts from the WAGMI network upgrade, discussing that:

” These enhancements and upgrades consist of an enormously increased benefits swimming pool, along with benefits for contractors and users of our finest dApps, which will be determined by developing project-specific KPIs.”

Since its beginning, the WAGMI rewards program has lagged behind the development of the Boba Network. As it stands, there are more than 30 jobs presently being developed on the network. Each of these jobs takes advantage of Boba Network’s ultra-fast deal times and inexpensive gas charges. Now with WAGMI v2, the next-generation Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup scaling service will experience a lot more included benefits. A few of these consist of enhancements in BOBA liquidity mining and included an increase in community development and designer activity.

Insight Into the WAGMI v2 Improvements that The Boba Network Stands to Benefit From

As earlier discussed, WAGMI v2 includes several relative benefits and enhancements over its predecessor WAGMI v1. A few of these consist of KPIs and a variety of adjustments customized to decentralized apps ( dApps). These functions permit users to make benefits, consisting of rewards, airdrops, and other gifts, through a series of activities and deals. These activities consist of offering liquidity, switching, bridging, along with trading.

Another particular enhancement of WAGMI v2 over WAGMI v1 is the benefit of as much as $3 million worth of BOBA for a swimming pool boost. Of the overall, $2 million will go towards liquidity service providers, while $1 million stays as a reward if the April volume on OolongSwap strikes $25 million.

Other WAGMI v2 improvements consist of a decrease in the redemption duration, enabling users to redeem WAGMI tokens in half the variety of proposed days. Rather than 60 days, or around 2 months, a 30- day duration is now possible.

Lastly, the WAGMI reward program likewise hinted that it had onboarded brand-new partners for its newest version. The platform will launch an extensive list at some point in the coming weeks, released on the WAGMI info page Interested users and designers can begin making benefits by acting on partner dApps that will be shared on the task’s neighborhood channels.

Regarding the unavoidable WAGMI v3, the Boba Network neighborhood has a front-row function to play. It will more than likely share feedback and recommendations for the WAGMI reward program’s future model through Discord.

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