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Elfin Kingdom Public Token Sale is Coming

Elfin Kingdom (EFK) ICO Rating, Reviews and Details | ICOholder

Elfin Kingdom is having its public token sale on April 27 th. Let’s have a look and see why their ELFIN token might be one you wish to contribute to your portfolio.

Meet the Elfin Kingdom

Elfin Kingdom is free to play and play to make a video game. Beta screening for the video game is going on now. That indicates 2 things:

  1. You can play incredibly early and assist impact the video game’s advancement
  2. You are getting both tokens $KING and $ELFIN early

And here’s the reality of it. We do not understand which video game will be the next Axie. And neither do you. We like this video game. Altcoin Buzz is a financier in this video game. Every video game begins here at the start and we like Elfin’s principles.

In the video game, you have missions and PvP fights that consist of capturing Elfins. Elfins are NFTs of worth that you can purchase, offer, or utilize to develop more powerful and distinct NFTs on the NFT Marketplace Their game will support the onboarding of more video games making them both a video game and a center for other video games. They can grow both at the video game and procedure levels.

The $KING token originates from finishing jobs in the video game. Like Axie has its Axie and SLP tokens, there’s a 2nd governance token called $ELFIN. And it’s $ELFIN that’s going on sale next week.

ELFIN Token Sale

ELFIN Token Official Public Sale Launches on Tokensoft on April 27th | by Elfin  Kingdom | Apr, 2022 | Medium

The token sale will happen on TokenSoft. With ELFIN, you will have the ability to:

  • Stake
  • Buy and Sell NFTs
  • Buy in-game properties
  • Use to develop a lot more uncommon NFTs by sealing
  • Take part in Initial Farm Offering (IFOs) on the platform

So $ELFIN has numerous usages. The token is a BEP-20 token and this sale represents 5% of the overall 1 billion supply of tokens. It’s a first-come, first-served sale so if you get in early you will not get front-run by whales or bots. As long as you remain in the line.

How to Take Part in the $ELFIN Token Sale

Sorry Americans, you’re locked out. As the crypto pariah that you are in addition to approved locations like Iran and North Korea, you can’t participate in the enjoyable.

And that’s because TokenSoft is a certified token platform. That suggests KYC for all is needed. Here’s what you require to do:
1. Register at TokenSoft with this link
2. Total the KYC
3. Set up Metamask (advised) and money in your ETH wallet. You require ETH or USDC (the ERC-20 variation) and sufficient ETH to pay for gas.
4. Visit Tokensoft on Sale Day and discover your location in line.
5. When you get your possibility to purchase, go into the quantity. Digitally sign the contract, sign the Metamask deal, validate, and you’re done.

As Elfin Kingdom states in their token sale statement, finish the KYC early so you do not get locked out on sale day. They anticipate the complete video game launch at some point this quarter. That indicates your input while playing as a beta tester might impact every video game gamer that follows you. And you can make $KING and $ELFIN all while assisting the business test out their video game. It’s an excellent win/win circumstance for all.

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