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Fantom: What Are the 3 Best Liquid Staking Options?

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Liquid staking is an up-and-coming type of staking. It’s getting increased appeal in the DeFi area. Fantom is likewise using this fairly brand-new method of staking. The benefits can intensify, so it is well worth learning how it works. We will describe to you how liquid staking on Fantom works. We will reveal you what the finest liquid staking choices on Fantom are.

Currently, Fantom liquid staking has just a few choices. Discover how, besides staking, you can increase your APY. With Fantom liquid staking, you can likewise:

  • Take part in liquidity mining.
  • Farm LP benefits.
  • Stake farmed tokens.
  • Vaults.
  • Lending.

All this on top of your staking. Liquid staking includes layers of earnings.

Liquid Staking is among Fantom’s a lot of interesting functions.

In other Proof-of-Stake networks, you need to pick whether to stake your tokens to protect the network and make benefits


quit the staking benefits to utilize your tokens in DeFi.

Fantom is various.

— Fantom Foundation (@FantomFDN) February 10, 2021

What Is Fantom Liquid Staking?

When you stake your Fantom tokens, you require to lock them up. (See our previous post on Fantom staking.) The longer you stake, the more yield you get. The quickest locking duration is 2 weeks and makes 4.8%. On the other hand, if you stake your FTM for a year, the benefits increase to 14.68%. Here is the fascinating part. Fantom enables you to mint brand-new tokens in a 1:1 with your staked tokens.

There are a couple of various methods you can mint brand-new tokens. Simply to clarify, you can now utilize these freshly minted tokens in the Fantom community. As an outcome, you can make additional earnings, on top of the tokens that you currently staked. Simply put, your staked Fantom ends up being liquid. Here are some choices how to utilize Fantom liquid staking.

1. Minting sFTM

Once you lock your FTM, Fantom enables you to mint sFTM 1:1 with your staked FTM. You can utilize sFTM as security in the Fantom community. You get access to the Fantom DeFi Suite. This suite permits:

  • Minting of artificial properties— You can mint synths and trade them for other synths. Prepare for noting consist of: FTM, fUSD, fGBP, fCNY, fEUR, fKRW, fJPY, fCHF, fBTC, fETH, fLINK, fBAND, fBNB, fGold, fSilver, and fWTI.
  • AMM trading.
  • Lending.
  • Borrowing.

So, whilst you stake your FTM, brand-new methods of creating income open. In case you do not lock your FTM tokens, there is an abnormally brief unbonding duration of just 7 days. The sFTM offers you access to covered Fantom (wFTM), which you can utilize in lots of locations to produce more earnings.

2. Utilizing fMint

The fMint function in your fWallet enables you to mint fUSD. This is the Fantom stablecoin, pegged 1:1 to the USD. You can utilize any locked quantity of staked FTM as security to mint fUSD.

  • Swap your FTM for wFTM(covered Fantom) utilizing fSwap in your wallet.
  • Go to fMint and lock your wFTM The locked wFTM is now your security to mint fUSD.
  • Go to “Assets” and mint fUSD There will be a 0.5% charge for minting. This is immediately subtracted from the minted quantity.
  • Set your c-ratio

What Is the C-Ratio?

The c-ratio is your collateralization ratio. On Fantom Finance, you require a minimum of a 300% c-ratio. With the existing cost for FTM at $1.25, this suggests that you can lock 1,000 FTM. That is $1,250 You can mint as much as 1/3 of this quantity, or $416.

The Fantom Ecologist 👻 on Twitter: "In this example: Using 1,000 sFTM  (from staking 1,000 $ftm) to mint (borrow) 50 of a max 85.28 $fUSD By not  minting the max my C-Ratio (

However, if you have a minimum c-ratio of 500%, you make an additional 6% APY, paid in wFTM benefits. On the other hand, your c-ratio can likewise drop listed below 300%. This will lock your security wFTM. Just as long as your c-ration is listed below 300%. Once it’s back at 300%, it’s opened once again. FMint presently has no liquidation. To put it simply, you can’t lose any locked wFTM.

Meanwhile, it is very important to declare minting benefits regularly. The c-ratio over 500% offers 6% APY in wFTM benefits. Note that this is just over the minted fUSD, not the wFTM. In case you do not declare the benefits and your c-ratio drops listed below 500%, the system burns the benefits.

3. Fantom Liquid Staking on Ankr Earn

Stake your FTM on Ankr for a 9.3% APY. In turn, Ankr will lock and entrust your FTM and offer you aFTMb tokens in return for your locked FTM. You can likewise switch FTM for aFTMb tokens on a DEX. Every day, you will make aFTMb tokens as a staking benefit.

But here is the kicker– you can utilize this aFTMb likewise to produce more passive earnings. Different layers of DeFi choices are readily available. :

  • Liquidity mining.
  • Staking benefits on farmed tokens.
  • Lending.
  • Borrowing — Borrow FTM and stake it once again.
  • Yield farming.
  • Arbitrage trading.

The unbonding duration is 28 days. Afterwards, you can declare your funds. However, you still make staking benefits throughout this time.

There are still other alternatives out there, like utilizing fMint again. Lock your FTM as wFTM. You can utilize wFTM in a range of DeFi choices. SpookySwap has some wFTM liquidity swimming pools. A wFTM/TOMB swimming pool, and lots of more.

Besides these alternatives, Stader Labs likewise broadens to the Fantom community. This brings brand-new liquid staking choices. According to their roadmap, that must take place in March2022 Stader is a Terra native app broadening to Fantom.


Fantom liquid staking is a fascinating method to make your staked Fantom work. It enables a number of opportunities of creating passive earnings. We revealed you 3 liquid staking choices. There are more choices out there, or they are in the making.

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