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GeoJam, A Tokenized Way to Engage Fans with Artists

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Can you envision having a video call with Mariah Carey, flying on a personal jet with 24 KGolden, and skating with Nyjah Huston? Nowadays you can do that with GeoJam. It’s a platform that enables fans like you a chance for two-way discussion and interaction with stars.

In the procedure, you and the developers get to generate income with $JAM tokens. One of the most noteworthy things about GeoJam is that it has currently shown the setup works. Does $JAM have strong energy in the setup, does it have the best tokenomics? Let’s discover responses to all these concerns in this short article.

What is GeoJam?

We all have developed some type of neighborhood on various social networks platforms and therefore have numerous artists. But among the most significant constraints is that such a neighborhood does not create numerous other methods of money-making for the artist. And the only benefit for fans is that they can simply take in these products/services which restrict their engagement.

Therefore, thanks to GeoJam, has made it possible for artists and their fans to take part in a two-way interactive relationship.

Money-making operates in 2 methods:

  • Fans make JAM points by taking part in the artist’s activities that are then gone back to the artist as JAM tokens.
  • Artists, in return, offer the choice to fans to have NFTs, products, or real-world experiences.

GeoJam, developed in 2021, has made it possible that a fan can have a video call with Mariah Carey, or that a fan can have a New Year’s weekend with Tinashe, to name a few extremely cool real-world experiences. This platform was constructed on Ethereum’s blockchain.

More About GeoJam

However, these experiences will not be focused just on music artists. GeoJam is preparing to broaden to other markets like sports, art, crypto, video gaming, style, movie, and television. Right now, GeoJam is offered in its iOS variation, and you can get early access to the Android release on the site

Moreover, Here are some functions:

  • Governance ballot through our proposition swimming pools.
  • $ JAM Token holders admit unlocking special & & distinctive experiences, NFTs, material, merch, and more.
  • Content Operators, equalize material in small amounts and reward the token holders running these nodes.

On the other hand, GeoJam deals with the Constellation Hypergraph Network. It’s a brand-new NFT requirement that does not need gas costs to move NFTs in GeoJam’s NFT market.

A message from our Executive Advisor @MariahCarey$ JAM

— geojam (@geojamofficial) April 4, 2022

GeoJam Ecosystem

Nowadays, the platform has more than 3000 active addresses. where the iOS app is live a year back. Also, GeoJam has an emerging artist program where artists have access to GeoJam which will offer the internal and external resources with a brand-new level of fan engagement. This will broaden their fan base.

Introducing $JAM - Geojam

Also, Geojam has a Jambassador program Here, the platform has the most skilled and distinct influencers that can assist to promote its brand name. On the other hand, you can utilize your JAM tokens with the following platforms:

  • JAM Shop: With the JAM points you make communicating with your artist’s social networks accounts, you can get individualized products, that make developers acquire direct exposure. The JAM Shop retail boosts depending upon its need.
  • JAM Competitions: Artists produce competitors to let their fans can communicate with their product. Users can get JAM points. These competitors have an extremely high worth since artists have a high ROI
  • JAM staking swimming pools: Nodes that supply liquidity get benefits with a % of the block’s costs. Individuals require to stake JAM tokens to take part. There is 2 type of swimming pools:
      • Proposal Pools: Pools for governance choices. Individuals require to stake JAM to get involved.
      • Creator Access Pools: This is a swimming pool made by users that are rewarded for staking JAM.

GeoJam Tokenomics & Competitors

$ JAM is the native token of Geojam where around the world celebs get benefits. $JAM offers tools for neighborhood governance through a direct user experience. Moreover, just 12% of JAM tokens are attended to by the group. 40% to neighborhood benefits, 20% to token sales, and 10% to consultants.

GeoJam, A Tokenized Way to Engage Fans with Artists

Moreover, fans make JAM tokens who take part in propositions and developers gain access to swimming pools Therefore, artists, who take part in a swimming pool, develop benefits. Also, there are 4 methods to buy the JAM tokens:

  1. Stargazer Wallet: This wallet is incorporated with GeoJam mobile app.
  2. Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges: You can purchase JAM in KuCoin and Uniswap.

On the other hand, 2 platforms are considered rivals: Bitclout and Rally Bitclout is an open-source crypto social media where every artist has a token that you can buy/sell. In addition, Rally is a platform where artists can release their tokens to make their neighborhood can utilize it and have another income source.

However, neither of the discussed efforts makes individuals get near to their artists. That’s why what makes GeoJam various is the chance to make artists and fans connect straight using customized real-world experiences.

Nowadays, Geojam has more than 100 artists from various sectors utilizing the platform. Therefore, the objective of GeoJam is to target a mainstream audience by drawing in the next 100 million JAM token holders. Finally, the greatest threat is speed and guidelines, In other words, GeoJam is having a lot of engagement that it might compromise a few of its possible to grow progressively.

Roadmap & Recent Developments

According to the roadmap, The Jam website will be launched on April 1st with staking, developer gain access to swimming pools, and neighborhood governance in advancement. Also, Content Operator will be released this month To put it simply, they are active nodes that will have particular benefits. Take a look at its social networks to represent more information.

Moreover, Geojam 2.0 will be coming quickly. In Q2-2022

  • GeoJam 2.0 Launch (Include UX/UI, mobile wallet, developer gain access to, and so on)

In Q3/Q4-2022:

  • User developers gain access to swimming pools.
  • NFTs on Constellation.
  • NFT Marketplace, and so on

On the other hand, GeoJam has extremely prominent financiers like Galaxy Ventures, Crypto Lotus, Ethos, KuCoin Labs, GSR, Proof Capital, Ghaf Capital, and Alphabet. Here is some of the newest news about GeoJam:

  • Recognized on Fast Company’s World’s most ingenious business(#10 in Music)
  • Featured in The New York Times for our pivot throughout the pandemic.
  • A $ 5.9 million pre-sale with tactical partners such as KuCoin Labs and Galaxy Ventures.
  • Partnerships with A-list stars

Finally, we are significantly seeing the value of neighborhoods in all kinds of characters. GeoJam is an option that not just enables them to offer a brand-new type of money-making to artists through the application of tokens and NFTs but likewise to expand it and make it more and more devoted.

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