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How not to do DAOs?

This post originally appeared on ZeMing M. Gao’s website, and we republished with permission from the author. Read the full piece here. “Most ‘DAOs’ are a diversion tactic to avoid responsibility,” – Niels V. van den Bergh, CEO, mintBlue. The rest are just a result of being ignorant of the existence of such responsibilities. It’s a…

How DAOs are Being Used for Investments - BitcoinKE

” Most ‘DAOs’ are a diversion method to prevent duty,”– Niels V. van den Bergh, CEO, mintBlue.

The rest are simply an outcome of being oblivious of the presence of such duties.

It’s a dream, an envisioned phony world where duties do not exist.

This does not indicate clever agreements are ineffective. There’s the best method to do it.

What is much required is systems that “refactor” (obtaining the phraseology of James Belding, the creator, and CEO of Tokenized) a range of organization procedures and markets, and make them more effective.

mint blue itself is an excellent example of the ideal method. It establishes and utilizes procedures on a public shared database on a scalable public blockchain to allow interoperability without information duplication, and to boost information stability, security and traceability. Utilizing mint blue procedures, companies can develop information, payments, billings, etc on a safe and secure, and scalable public blockchain.

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) |

Tokenized is another excellent example. Tokenized has a severe take on business truths. It makes smart usages of a scalable public blockchain, wise agreements, and tokenization, and together with them develops a total software application structure to encapsulate the required company relations and environment.

Tokenized to today’s services is what ERP software application was to companies in the 1980 s, indicating simply the start. ERP was the solarization of resource relations, while Tokenized is the tokenization of property ownerships in addition to clever contracting of company relations. ERP reaches bigger business just, however, Tokenized covers the whole spectrum of the worldwide services, from micro-projects of a portion of an individual to the biggest corporations worldwide.

Unlike the majority of others, mint blue and Tokenized did not succumb to the Bitcoin trend of get-rich-quick plans that errors producing a brand-new coin/token for constructing an item. Rather, they took a major and truthful method, both business-wise and technically– what must be the standard has ended up being a remarkable brave action by a couple of in the crypto com.

With such truthful company services, you do not make your obligations vanish, you discover much better methods to satisfy your obligations.

Both mint blue and Tokenized are developed on the BSV blockchain, the genuine Bitcoin blockchain according to the initial vision of Satoshi.

Take an appearance at the BSV blockchain community. You will most likely laugh harder at the DAOs promoted by others, and feel an awe about the future of the ” Smart-Business Paradigm”



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