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How To Use The AtomicHub Platform

AtomicHub - Create, sell or collect digital items secured with blockchain

AtomicHub is an NFT market on the EOS and WAX blockchain. It permits users to list NFT with AtomicAssets requirements. The platform enables users to check out, purchase, offer, and list NFTs. It likewise enables you to develop NFTs with no technical understanding. At the time of composing the post, the platform produced 211.2 M NFTs with 45.0 K 24 hr sales.

The platform’s work is generally divided into 4 areas:

  • Explorer- browse all existing NFTs
  • Market- buy/sell/list properties
  • Trading- Check stock, swap easy properties NFT to AtomicAsset
  • NFT Creator- Create Atomic possessions with basic NFT

We will talk about all the crucial functions in information in our short article.

Access the AtomicHub Platform

AtomicHub supports both EOS and WAX blockchain. You can pick any (or switch) network and log in to your account. The platform might supply you with various wallet alternatives to link to various blockchain networks.

Connect Wallet

To utilize the platform, users require to link their wallets. They can utilize any of the listed below wallet types to get in touch with the WAX blockchain:

  • Wax Cloud Wallet
  • Anchor
  • Scatter

If you do not have a wallet, read our guide on how you can set up and utilize the Wax cloud wallet.

Once you have linked your wallet and visited the AtomicHub website, you will see the platform landing page that provides numerous options/features for the users to deal with. We will discuss them all in information.


The Explorer page notes all the NFTs developed with the Atomic possession’s requirement. The page is divided into numerous areas that let you filter and reveal various collections, NFTs, and design templates.

You can pick any collection or NFTs and get more in-depth details (pattern chart, statistics, overall possessions because collection, design template, and so on) about them.


The Market tab reveals all those NFTs that are readily available in the market for sale. You can likewise note your NFT for sale here.

Note that the AtomicHub platform informs the users about the confirmation status of the NFT. Users preparing to purchase an NFT can examine whether the NFT is confirmed or it is just whitelisted and not validated. To examine the status, simply hover over the tick (√) mark, and you will get the total confirmation status.

In the Market area, you will discover 2 tabs:

  • Sales

By default, you are on the Sales page when you choose the marketplace tab. You can see all the NFTs that have been noted for sale. Users can put numerous filters on collections, whitelisting status, max and minutes cost, and max and minutes mint according to their requirements.

  • Auction

The Auction tab notes the NFT which is presently going through an auction procedure.

The owner of the NFT has set a timespan throughout which other users can put a quote on it. You can inspect the staying time, and quote on the NFT.

If you wish to put a quote, simply click the Place Bid button. A page will appear where you can put the worth at which you want to purchase. Owners usually set the most affordable worth for the NFT, users going to purchase requirement to put a worth higher than that worth.

  • History

From the history tab, you can examine your sales or auction information.

How To Buy An NFT

To reveal the procedure, we have simply arbitrarily chosen an NFT. We suggest our users do the correct research studies about the NFT job that they want to purchase. Examine if it is confirmed or not.

To purchase, pick the NFT initially, and after that click the Buy button, and validate the procedure by authorizing the deal.

Users can likewise position a quote if they are not pleased with the estimated rate of the NFT. To put a quote, click the Make Offer button.

Now fill out the quantity in which you want to purchase. You can likewise examine the recommended rate and least expensive market listing worth for this design template at the bottom of the page.

Your buy deal will be sent out to the owner. He/she can either accept or decline your deal.


The Trade page uses numerous techniques utilizing which you can trade or move your NFTs to any blockchain.

  1. Inventory

Inventory or My Inventory includes all the NFTs that a user is keeping in his account.

  1. Atomic Bridge

The AtomicBridge permits the users to transform their easy Assets NFTs to AtomicAssets requirements. The initial SimpleAsset NFT is kept in the AtomicBridge account rather than burning. And thus users can return the AtomicAssets cards to recuperate their initial SimpleAssets at any time.

  1. Transfer History

Check your transfer history here. You can use a date or collection filter if you desire.

  1. Trade Offer

In the trade deal, you can examine the trade provides that you have gotten or you have sent out or any void deals. You can likewise make brand-new trade deals and can see the history.

  1. New Trade

Users can put a brand-new trade deal. To do so, click the New Trade Offer. A page will open where you can pick the NFT on which you wish to produce a deal. Get in recipient information and verify the procedure.

  1. Buy Offer

Here you can examine the active, void, purchase history, or can even position a brand-new buy deal.

  1. Gift Link

Users can produce a present link and share it with other users. Users holding the present link can declare the NFT.

To produce a present link, choose your NFT initially, and click Generate Link

Confirm the procedure.

This area likewise includes the information about all active present links and your present link history.

My Listing

My listing tab reveals the list of all NFTs that is noted is sale by the account holder.

As you can see from the listed below screenshot, we have actually 2 NFTs noted for sale. Users can cancel the listing or modify the listing cost by going to the edit tab.

You can inspect the NFT that is presently on auction from the Auction tab.


From this tab, you can examine the list of all NFTs that you’ve offered.


This tab includes information about the NFTs that you have actually purchased.

More About The NFT

To get more information about any NFT, click it. It will show all compulsory functions like the owner name, NFT name, collection name, overall mint quantity, design template ID, and transfer/burn status. Here you can likewise examine whether the NFT is confirmed by Atomic Hub or not.

If you are holding this NFT, and wish to offer it, then just merely click the List on Market tab, and go into the quantity of WAX token at which you want to offer it.

Check the various costs charged for this procedure.

You can examine the cost history/chart at the bottom of the page.

  1. Transfer NFT

Users can move an NFT to other users. To move very first choose the NFT, now click the Transfer choice. Next, fill in the recipient’s address and validate the procedure.

  1. Transfer Tokens

Users can likewise move WAXP tokens to other users from the Atomic Hub website.

To move, go to the Token tab. Go into the recipient’s address, quantity, and memo (if any). Verify the procedure.

My Sets

You can examine your statistics (absolutely purchased, completely offered, overall stock worth, platform signing up with date)

Buy Tokens

The Buy WAXP tokens will take you to your WAX cloud wallet from where you can purchase the WAX (WAXP) token from the wallet user interface. Read our guide on how to utilize the WAX Cloud wallet to understand how you can purchase WAXP tokens from your wallet.


From the Atomic Hub settings tab you can do the following activities:

  • Customize Public Profile- This area let you set/edit information about how your profile would show up to other users. Users can set their Avatar, featured/cove image, and compose a bio here
  • Highlight NFTs- This choice will let you highlight your most important NFT
  • Account Preferences- Setting present in this area is for innovative users. Be mindful while making any modifications. You can set the default market token (WAX, USD), sales noting sign (WAX, USD), enable/disable the choice to reveal blacklisted NFTs, and so on
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