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If You Hold LUNA, You Can Earn 48-200% APR Doing This.

LUNA remains most trending crypto despite total crash and founder's $78  million tax evasion fine

Terra Luna’s community continues to grow. Presently, its community has 74 dapps and its leading stablecoin, UST, has more than $153 billion in TVL. A popular stable coin-investment technique in Defi nowadays is to invest in Anchor Protocol which provides you 19.48% APY.

However, brand-new Defi procedures have appeared from Terra LUNA that matches each other. This enables that by holding the very same tokens, you can have more success. In this short article, you will find more about this brand-new technique.

A brand name brand-new method on $ LUNA has simply been released and is providing ridiculous yield capacity.

: A thread on @prism_protocol, and how to use the brand-new swimming pools to make 48-200+% APR on your $ LUNA

Let’s dive in.


— Miles Deutscher (@milesdeutscher) March 9, 2022

The Terra Trilogy

PRISM is Terra’s procedure where you can stake, swap, and include liquidity in a yield farm. It is a quite brand-new platform that just has a TVL of $307 million. In addition, PRISM procedure has introduced its brand-new farm. It has opened a brand-new technique with LUNA, the native token of Terra.

Therefore, in the PRISM procedure, there is 3 type of tokens:

  • cLUNA=1 LUNA (security token)
  • pLUNA=Principle token (presently 13% of cLUNA)
  • yLUNA=Yield Token (presently 77% of cLUNA)

Note: 1 cLUNA=pLUNA and yLUNA (% weighting changes).

Moreover, to execute this technique, you require to utilize the Terra Station Wallet Let’s begin with the method:

Step 1: Split LUNA to pLUNA and yLUNA

In PRISM, go to the “Refract” area (left column) and choose the quantity of LUNA tokens you wish to divide to get pLUNA and yLUNA. In addition, click “ Accept and Split

Note: To reverse this “Split” procedure, you require to hold your pLUNA and yLUNA tokens. This takes 21 days.

Step 2: Stake your yLUNA Tokens on PRISM

Also, in this alternative, there are 2 choices:

  • yLUNA Staking: By staking yLUNA, you get airdrops and benefits for staking it. Nowadays, this alternative offers you an 8.57% APR.
  • PRISM Farm: After farming your LUNA tokens, you require to switch them for PRISM tokens. With this, you will make a 43.8% APR.

Note: PRISM benefits have a 30- day lock-up duration prior to offering them.

Step 3: Stake your PRISM Rewards

When you get your PRISM benefits after staking, you will disperse them in the list below method:

  • 50% to get Yuna( after 30 days)
  • 50% to get more $PRISM.

To do this, you require to go to the “Govern” tab to stake PRISM and get xPRISM, the governance token of PRISM.

Note: Investing in tokens requires to have a previous analysis.

Step 4: Stake xPRISM to Earn AMPS

After getting xPRISM tokens, you can stake them under the “AMPS vault” label. With this method, you can make AMPS which are utilized to enhance your yield.

Moreover, there are numerous cases where users have made approximately 200% APR

Note: The lightning icon to trigger your AMPS benefits daily to trigger your AMPS benefits. This indicates that as more AMPS tokens you stake, the greater the APR of your yLUNA.

On the other hand, you can purchase PRISM to enhance the variety of AMPS tokens you can stake. This is a dangerous choice.


In addition, here is the technique summary:

  1. Use your LUNA tokens and divided them to get pLUNA and yLUNA (With the Refract function of the PRISM procedure)
  2. Stake yLUNA in PRISM procedure with 48% APR.
  3. Take 50-100% of your benefits to get xPRISM
  4. Stake xPRISM under the “Govern” function of the PRISM procedure.
  5. ” Pledge” XPRISM tokens in the AMPS vault to enhance benefits.

Finally, it’s essential to bear in mind that any Defi method has its dangers, so ensure to diversify your financial investment throughout several procedures.

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