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Joshua Henslee speaks about his BTC 2022 Miami experience

BSV developer Joshua Henslee recently attended the BTC 2022 Miami conference. In this video, he shares his experiences and observations from the event. A full written summary is provided below. Greed drives the BTC project Henslee mentions that while he was outside the conference center in Miami, he saw a man with a double-sided sign…

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BSV designer Joshua Henslee just recently participated in the BTC 2022 Miami conference. In this video, he shares his experiences and observations from the occasion. A complete composed summary is supplied listed below.

Greed drives the BTC job

Henslee discusses that while he was outside the conference center in Miami, he saw a guy with a double-sided indication that read: ” Craig Wright is Satoshi, BSV is Bitcoin, and cash is the root of all evil.”

Henslee notifies us that this will be the style of this specific video; that what drives BTC is greed, which was the most apparent thing at the conference.

” The very first thing you see is the huge bull and the cost chart in your face,” Henslee states, describing CoinGeek’s Patrick Thompsons’ observations from inside the conference.

Henslee notes how there were advertisements for lightning wallets, digital currency apps, NFTs connected to QR codes, and more throughout the city. He likewise observed that the BTC conference was sponsored by Cash App. Henslee is not alone in discovering this paradox because Bitcoin was expected to interrupt wallets like this He jokes that possibly next year, the primary sponsor will be PayPal.

Henslee informs us that the guy with the double-sided indication entered into some heated disputes with BTC conference participants. A few of them asked him why he thinks that Dr. Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, and he reacted that he’s the only one who comprehends the Bitcoin white paper Lots of BSVers have come to the same conclusion.

No ingenious companies at the BTC conference

Henslee notes that aside from block benefit miners, wallets, and apps to help with speculation, there’s absolutely nothing ingenious going on in the BTC community.

” There’s absolutely nothing disruptive, absolutely nothing ingenious, and absolutely nothing that will make the future that far better,” Henslee states. He appropriately shows that the only individuals gaining from BTC are the early speculators who still have their coins.

The greed and absence of development can be summed up well by a quote from BTC conference guest Mike Novogratz in his keynote speech. He informed individuals to “get in the camping tent, and get more individuals in the camping tent.” The message here is clear: purchase BTC and get more individuals to purchase BTC to drive the cost greater. “It’s a straight Ponzi plan,” Henslee states.

Dismissing concepts like SegWit and Taproot, Joshua states that these are not enhancements or developments. Rather, they are threats, and any basic modifications to the Bitcoin procedure threaten to bring the whole home of cards down, as Bitcoin’s innovator has cautioned consistently.

Defi and blockchain video gaming at BTC Miami

Henslee states that there were some conversations about altcoins and other blockchains at the conference. These focused on Defi and blockchain video gaming.

One of the concepts drifted at the conference was JPEG (NFT) backed home loans.

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” Anyone with more than a two-day memory will understand that this is most likely a dreadful concept,” he specifies.

Henslee is right in stating this, as one effort to resell Jack Dorsey’s very first Tweet as an NFT show. He highlights how this is even riskier in a financial environment where the Federal Reserve and other reserve banks are flirting with strongly rising rates of interest.

Henslee does not dismiss the concept of NFTs being connected to home mortgages, however, he envisions extremely various circumstances than home loans backed by Bored Ape JPEGs. What he’s discussing is energy tokens utilized to track ownership on public blockchains and other ingenious usage cases.

Reintroducing the old banking system with a BTC twist

Overall, Henslee states that the program in BTC-land is to reestablish the old debt-based monetary system with a BTC twist. This contrasts with the early Bitcoiner image of banking the unbanked, unbanking the banked, and altering the world for the much better. Nowadays, BTC supporters do not care about any of that. They’ve offered out for the gains, motivating financial obligation, utilize, derivatives, and trading rather than reinventing the world monetary system.

However, all is not lost, and much of the initial Bitcoin dream lives in BSV. Henslee states he went to a club in Miami and satisfied a rap group meaning to drop an album on BSV music app Jamify He thinks that music NFTs can bring an entire brand-new user base into the BSV community.

Henslee notes how it’s ending up being hard to stay up to date with all of the brand-new releases on BSV. This will just speed up as brand-new users who aren’t part of the insular BSV neighborhood go into the area. He likewise keeps in mind the number of BTC supporters is a lot more unbiased face to face than the severe characters that troll and assault individuals online.

Wrapping up, Henslee returns to his bottom line about the greed that penetrates the BTC community.

” Every time in these markets, you constantly struck a wall. You’re on a train, and you do not see the wall, or you believe you’ll go directly through it,” he states.

He shows that when individuals get greedy, that’s when clever individuals silently take the opposite of the trade.

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