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Make 72% APY by Lending WMOVR in This Platform

What is UniLend to List by Binance? - Somag News

At the time of composing, it’s 72.99%. Be mindful that this can change. The name is UniLend, and they are bringing permissionless loaning to Moonriver. They are likewise bringing novice flash loans to Moonriver.

Therefore, this brings the high yield for covered MORV to UniLend. Learn what both UniLend and MORV have to do with. Let’s take a look and dig in.

What Is UniLend?

UniLend is a DeFi procedure that is extensive and permissionless. Unlike other DeFi procedures, on UniLend you can note any possession. Presently, their supported blockchains are Ethereum and Polygon. This opens the extensive DeFi alternatives on this platform.

1/UniLend’s Permissionless Lending & & Flash Loans Protocol now Live on @MoonriverNW

⚡ We’re the very first #flashloans on Moonriver!

Any token on Moonriver will have the ability to use our #DeFi performance permissionlessly.

Our DApp Link:

— UniLend Finance|We’re Hiring! (@UniLend_Finance) February 7, 2022

For example, decentralized trading and borrowing/lending. They likewise use the most affordable flash loan in the market. That is according to their declaration in their docs

Furthermore, they use a range of real-world artificial possessions and derivates. Gold and silver or significant FAANG stocks. Another great news is that Certik examined their procedure.

What Is MOVR?

MOVR is the energy token of the Moonriver canary web on Kusama. It has comparable supply and financial habits as Moonbeam. However, it has a various token circulation. This supports the distinct objectives and qualities of the network.

Because MOVR is on Polkadot, it’s presently not supported by UniLend. We require to cover it and bridge it over to Unilend. For this, we can utilize the PolkaBridge.

How to Get 72% Yield On WMOVR

With these actions, you will have the ability to get this APY on Unilend:

  1. Swap on Solarbeam: WMOVR is an ERC-20 token of MOVR. You can switch it from MOVR to WMOVR. You can likewise alter it back to MOVR there.
  2. Send it to UniLend with the PolkaBridge You link a wallet, for example, MetaMask, to the bridge. Now you can move your WMOVR tokens to MetaMask.
  3. Connect your MetaMask to UniLend on the Moonriver chain This is simple to do considering that MetaMask will show all the info you require. You just require to click the link button. If you are on a various network, MetaMask will ask you if you wish to alter networks.
  4. Set up: Put the variety of tokens in package that you wish to stake. Terrific task, you’re done, and your benefit will be a 72.99% yield on your staked WMOVR.

The only alternative revealed on your screen is WMOVR. See the image listed below. Now you are all set to stake your WMOVR tokens. Lending will offer liquidity to the UniLend platform.


We revealed you how to cover your MOVR tokens and send them through the PolkaBridge to UniLend. When there, you can stake these WMOVR tokens at a present rate of 72.99%.

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