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Polkadex Is in the Race for a Polkadot Parachain


The Polkadot para chain for the Polkadex crowd loan auction is now in the third batch. As the auction went live again, the PDEX rewards saw an increase. Help Polkadex to secure a para chain and get some handsome rewards. Deposit DOT and get PDEX in return.

The Polkadex para chain auction cap is now down to only 1 million DOT. For each DOT you contribute, you receive at least a guaranteed 2 PDEX. We tell you all about the details of this auction.

What Is a Polkadot Parachain?

How to Vote in the Polkadot Parachain Slot Auction for Your Favorite  Project? | by Huobi Global | Huobi Group | Medium

Parachains are Layer 1 blockchains that are built on top of Polkadot. As a result, they give access to the Polkadot ecosystem. Each para chain specializes in a certain area. For instance, Polkadex specializes in trading. The advantage is interoperability. The complete Polkadot ecosystem is now open for business. All Polkadot platforms and projects become interconnected.

Furthermore, parachains are scalable and have low fees. Most importantly, all parachains enjoy now Polkadot’s network security. However, projects need to lease parachains. Polkadex will lease a para chain for 96 weeks. In case Polkadex wins the para chain, your deposited DOTs get locked.

The benefit for Polkadex as a para chain is a reduced transaction cost. Tokens and liquidity can move at a fraction of costs between chains. Here is our introduction article to Polkadex.

🚀The Polkadex Crowdloan is baaack🚀

🙌 Polkadexers assemble! Polkadex needs your help! 💪

Loan your DOT to the Polkadex Crowdloan & get:
💰 2+ PDEX per DOT
🖼 Utility-based NFTs for top 1k contributors

📰 All the details + guide on how to contribute👇

— Polkadex (@polkadex) April 5, 2022

The Polkadex Crowdloan Details for the Polkadot Parachain

Once Polkadex secures a para chain, you not only get 2 PDEX for each DOT. In addition, the top 1000 contributors receive an exclusive NFT. This NFT also has some extra benefits. For example, up to a 20-50% discount on the trading fees for the Polkadex Orderbook.

The launch date was April 5th, 2022 with a lease period of 8-15. The crowd loan ends June 23rd. Some partners include well-known names. For example, BiFrost, KuCoin,, and Subwallet.

Let’s take a look at the locking period. Your deposited DOT needs to be locked for 96 weeks, or almost two years. Not everybody is keen to do this. However, you can lock them through three partners and receive liquid DOT (TxDOT) in return. They represent your deposited DOT. So, during the locking period, you can use the liquid DOT. They are tradable, and you can also use them in crypto markets. That is, as soon as the auction finishes. You can also redeem them again for DOT 1:1 once the locking period ends. Parallel, Bifrost, and Equilibrium are the partners who offer this.

Here is a breakdown of their rewards.

  • Parallel Finance offers 4 PARA tokens per DOT and 1 cDOT per every DOT.
  • Equilibrium offers 10 EQ tokens per DOT and 1 TxDOT per every DOT.
  • BiFrost offers 0.04 BNC per DOT and 1 vs DET per every DOT.
Take Part in the Crowdloan

Polkadex has a special Crowdloan page on its website. It shows many options on how to contribute. You can lend your DOT through exchanges, partners, or wallets. On the other hand, you can also deposit directly on the Polkadot interface. The minimum deposit is 5 DOT, this is however also the recommendation for all other options.

Contribute through launch partners

  • Install the Polkadot wallet and make a Polkadot account.
  • Send DOT to your account.
  • Visit the Crowdloan page.
  • On the bottom of the page is a calculator. Here you can see how much PDEX you receive.
  • Select your preferred option. The links will bring you to the partner pages.

Contribute directly to Polkadot through their interface.

  • Navigate to Network> Parachains> Crowdloan
  • Look for Polkadex and click ‘contribute’
  • Insert how much you want to deposit
  • Click ‘submit’ and sign the transaction.


Polkadex is looking to win a para-chain slot. By participating, you receive great rewards in return. A guaranteed minimum of 2 PDEX per DOT. Furthermore, partners offer some more interesting rewards. If you would like to participate, use these easy-to-follow instructions on how to do so.

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