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RUNE Price Prediction

THORchain Price Prediction: Rune Parabolic Rally Sliced Through Another  Resistance

ThorChain is a decentralised liquidity network with an interoperable blockchain that allows non-custodial cross-chain token swaps.

THORChain is a decentralised cross-chain liquidity system that utilizes Threshold Signature Schemes and is based upon Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK (TSS). It does not peg or cover possessions; rather, it chooses how to move them in action to user input. It keeps an eye on user deposits to vaults, carries out company reasoning (swaps, add/remove liquidity), and processes outgoing deals. It’s basically a leaderless vault supervisor that makes sure byzantine-fault tolerance at every level of the operation. The primary objective of THORChain is to prevent centralization and capture while promoting cross-chain liquidity. It exclusively monitors the properties in its vaults and has financial guarantees that they are safe. Let us evaluate the RUNE rate

RUNE Price Prediction

RUNE Price Prediction - Technical Analysis - Altcoin Buzz

Bullish Scenario: If RUNE handles to break above the resistance level at $9.9 then it would be bullish. If it acquires some momentum and purchasing pressure develops then we may evaluate the next resistance level at $119 and $149. Breaking above $149 rate level with considerable purchasing volume will result in a likelihood of crossing above $17

Bearish Scenario: RUNE has actually remained in a drop channel because the last couple of weeks. If the $5.6 assistance level is not kept, the rate will fall to $4, $3, $2.3 and even lower earlier or later on.

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