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Solana DAOs Now on DeepDAO

Solana DAOs can now bug you to vote with phone calls and texts - The AI  Story

DeepDAO, an information analytics and aggregator platform for DAO, has included assistance for 15 Solana DAOs.

DeepDAO validated the statement. Including that this is its first-ever listing of Solana-based DAOs. Remarkably, 2 of the 15 just recently noted DAOs are now ranked amongst the leading 5 DAOs on DeepDAO. The ranking, according to reports, is based on the treasury size.

Also, the 2 leading DAO by treasury size consists of Mango with a treasury size of $650 million (ranked number 3) and UXD Protocol with $561 million (ranked number 4). Overall, the 15 Solana DAOs noted led to a treasury size of $1.3 billion. Bringing the community to a treasury size of $9.1 billion.

⚒ We are thrilled to reveal our very first listing of @solana DAOs on

The @solana’s DAO structure offers governance, treasury, and conversations completely on-chain.
2 of the brand-new DAOs participate in our leading 5: @mangomarkets at # 3 and @UXDProtocol at # 4 losPXj

— (@DeepDAO_io) March 15, 2022

The listing of Solana DAOs on DeepDAO is a clear indication of the development happening in the DAO environment. DAOs are moving from being simply a one-chain event. Rather, we are seeing a great deal of several chains, off-chain, governance, and so on. Usage cases for DAOs have likewise escalated, specifically in DeFi, blockchain video gaming, NFTs, VC funds, and so on

Speaking on the statement, DeepDAO CEO Eyal Eithcowich divulged that the whole DeepDAO group was delighted to be noting Solana DAOs. Including that the DeepDAO community was “[…] fortunate to be at the center of the fantastic DAO and governance motion.”

Top Solana DAOs on DeepDAO

Some of the leading Solana DAOs just recently noted on DeepDAO consist of MangoDAO, Socean, UXD Protocol, Metaplex, SerumDAO, and so on

  • Mango DAO— works as a governance system for Mango Market Protocol. Significantly, Mango Protocol is a Solana-based loaning, loaning, and take advantage of trading platform. It likewise utilizes the Serum decentralized exchange (DEX). Following the listing on DeepDAO, Mango DAO is now the third-highest by treasury size.

We’re enjoyed show our brand-new listing @mangomarkets, the greatest DAO of @solana DAOs.

Treasury=$6367 M (# 3)

Mango DAO governs the @mangomarkets procedure– a borrowing/lending platform constructed on the @solana network, making use of the @ProjectSerum Decentralized EXchange. H

— (@DeepDAO_io) March 16, 2022

  • UXD Protocol— is likewise constructed on the Solana blockchain network. UXD exists as a non-custodial stablecoin procedure constructed utilizing continuous futures. The platform mints its UXP native token 1:1 to the USD.
  • Serum DAO— is an on-chain order book for DeFi and liquidity on the Solana blockchain. Serum DAO likewise takes pride in its customized DEX along with its own automated deal-matching engine. The native governance token of Serum DAO is the $SRM token.
  • Metaplex— is specifically developed for designers to release NFT tasks like dApps, video gaming possessions, and so on

In conclusion, Sebastian Bor of Solana Labs likewise revealed that “[…] It’s incredible to see a lot of effective DAOs utilizing SPLGovernance.” Including that he was “[…] looking forward to seeing extra Solana DAOs noted on DeepDAO in the future.”

SOL Price

At the time of composing, SOL was trading at $8738, with a market cap of $27,949,048,972 and a 24- hour trading volume of $ 1,775,165,074 The token rate is likewise up by 4.9% in the last 24 hours.

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