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The Bitcoin Bridge: Ninja Punk Girls offers an NFT handle trading card video games

Home » Interviews » The Bitcoin Bridge: Ninja Punk Girls gives an NFT take on trading card games If you love games, girls, and NFT technology, then you’re going to love Ninja Punk Girls. It’s the newest twist on trading cards where players can go head-to-head with precious cards, power-ups and other prizes on the…

Ninja Punk Girls are trading cards with the NFT twist | Episode 45 - YouTube

If you enjoy video games, women, and NFT innovation, then you’re going to like Ninja Punk Girls. It’s the latest twist on trading cards where gamers can go head-to-head with valuable cards, power-ups, and other rewards on the line.

Ninja Punk Girls creator Richard Boase signed up with The Bitcoin Bridge to discuss the job– one that’s currently over a year in the making. He informed Jon Southurst that the video game was a mix of his previous ideas.

” It is an NFT series that crosses an old concept I had called the Erobotz that I developed in Tokyo in 2008,” Boase exposed. “And generally, what I believed to do is to generative series where it crosses over where you get aspects of both Erobotz and Ninja Punk Girls in your NFT series.”

That, Boase stated, was the standard facility. On top of this, he went on to layer other concepts on what to do with NFTs and how they can make them extensible and interactive for purchasers right now.

As with numerous jobs, Ninja Punk Girls began with a test series. The very first launch included initial characters, and each card or primary token consisted of not simply the character but all of its constituent parts.

” So the sword and the gown and stockings and the shoes and the hair, and every constituent part has its rating,” Boase described. “The sword may have a strength 3 and the wig may have a sexiness 2, and this substance to provide the card it’s total rating.”

All this information can be accessed through a QR code on the leading right of every card. Each code is special to a card, and it connects to a public address on the Ninja Punk Girls site. Control of the personal secret to that address lies with the business.

Finally, the gameplay itself is rather easy. The concept of the trading card video game is to play one card versus another, win the constituent aspects of your challenger’s cards, and ultimately win your challenger’s card.

We’re going to be up until now ahead’

Everything that comprises Ninja Punk Girls is all kept on the BSV blockchain.

For gameplay, this implies more benefits and enjoyment for the gamers. As Boase described, the longer you keep your card, the more worth that card accumulates since of drops and other things that the business contributes to the card gradually. And it’s not simply the selling benefit that increases, the card itself ends up being more effective in fights because of these collected gains.

” It’s a balance,” Boase puts it. Having cards collect worth in time motivates owners to keep hold of their tokens, however, on the other hand, Boase stated they still desire gamers to keep pitting their cards versus one another in hopes of attempting to win other cards.

Having the video game on the BSV blockchain implies gamers can fight for a cent each all day, and the very same holds on a more huge scale. Boase confesses this is possible in other blockchains, however, he states the truth is that blockchains like Polygon and Solana are not going to support the real digital money.

” I believe eventually individuals’ access to Polygon and Solana and those other chains are going to be so low, it’s going to be so very little that individuals will not even trouble considering it,” Boase stated. “Whereas I believe on BSV, you understand, we’ve seen how quickly it scales. By this time next year, we’ll most likely have half of all of Solana’s deals, I would anticipate.”

Those are battling words from the Ninja Punk Girls creator, however, he made it clear to The Bitcoin Bridge, that there is compound backing his self-confidence.

” In 2 years, we’re going to be up until now ahead of Solana. It’s going to leave them in the dust. It’s simply going to simply make sense to construct on a lot of scaling innovation.”

Exciting times at the Satoshi Block Dojo

Ninja Punk Girls is simply among numerous tasks that have gone through their rates at Satoshi Block Dojo, the initial BSV Blockchain start-up incubator.

Eight start-ups just recently went on a 12- week journey at the Dojo, where they got assistance and dealt with each other to grow their business and surpass their currently outstanding concepts.

Boase, who is likewise a co-founder of the Satoshi Block Dojo, is motivating more individuals to register and establish their concepts at the Dojo. And he offered The Bitcoin Bridge a peek at what the experience resembles.

” This experience has been remarkable,” he stated. “It’s extremely college. You understand, there are like 8 or 10 groups going through it at a time. You’re all in that, sort of real estate your concepts. There is a professional skill that can be found outdoors to generally train you, and take you through it. And after that in the end, you have this fantastic procedure of pitching your company to like hundreds and numerous financiers. It’s truly like, this is an effective program. And I simply I would motivate individuals to register.”

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