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Tweet DAO Offers to Buy NFT to Get Right to Tweet

At the moment, the NFT collection of the Tweet DAO is only available on OpenSea. Have you ever heard of buying the right to post tweets from a DAO’s Twitter account? It sounds bizarre, but it is a real experiment made possible due to Tweet DAO – a decentralized autonomous organization that is selling non-fungible tokens…

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At the minute, the NFT collection of the Tweet DAO is just offered on OpenSea.

Have you ever become aware of purchasing the right to publish tweets from a DAO’s Twitter account? It sounds unusual, however, it is a genuine experiment enabled due to Tweet DAO– a decentralized self-governing company that is offering non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the kind of eggs, each of them is a distinct one. Users who acquire an egg NFT get the right to make a tweet every day from the task’s main Twitter account.

The Tweet DAO is live! Here’s how it works, after this thread, all tweets from this account (disallowing any upkeep statements) will be from holders of Tweet DAO Egg NFTs.

You can mint them here: UFUQ9

— The Tweet DAO (@TheTweetDao) April 3, 2022

There are 1,000 NFT eggs readily available, with their cost beginning at as much as 0.1 ETH. The expense is increasing by 0.1 ETH for every single 100 sales. The last 50 are claimable by the agreement deployer. As an outcome, the collection can make as much as 500 ETH ($ 1.7 million) for developers. Each egg entitles you to make one tweet from the account daily through the UI on the site. Especially, appears that the material of the tweets is not censored, you can share whatever you desire.

For example, one user estimated Patrick Bateman in American Psycho:

” I think in looking after myself, and a well-balanced diet plan and an extensive workout regimen. In the early morning, if my face is a little puffy, I’ll place it on an ice bag while doing my stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now.”

” This Twitter account is the most absurd concept I’ve ever heard, however, it might still be the next Etherox,” another user stated

Many have supported the concept itself, with users promoting eggs and possibly increasing the worth of their own NFTs. Some tweets promote the owner’s own NFT job or attempt to offer among their own NFTs. One tweet is about unloading the Pudgy Penguin NFT, which offers for 8.8 ETH ($ 30,700). Another one is attempting to offer fBOMB tokens.

Buy $ f-bomb on @fBombOpera
Follow @MillenniumClub3 @dev_enjoys @fbombopera LFG

— The Tweet DAO (@TheTweetDao) April 3, 2022

Some tweets discuss Tesla Inc (NYSE: TSLA) creator Elon Musk and creator of Terraform Labs Do Kwon, others describe popular crypto ideas such as the UpOnly podcast and a cult NFT collection called Milady Maker.

Most of the tweets are simply random and do not bear any helpful details. Some users are scared that Twitter may close the Tweet Dao account in case it discovers that the profile breaches the social media network’s guidelines. Twitter has some limitations on automated accounts and on taking payments for tweets. One tweet even attended to Twitter’s previous CEO, Jack Dorsey:

” Please @jack do not prohibit it.”

At the minute, the NFT collection of the Tweet DAO is just offered on OpenSea.

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