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Upcoming Crypto Events | Seedify Realms of Ethernity IGO | April Week 3

Upcoming Crypto Events | Seedify Realms of Ethernity IGO | April Week 3 -  Product Release & Updates - Altcoin Buzz

Several exciting updates are taking place in the blockchain and crypto space in this new week. To keep our readers informed, we have compiled some of these top upcoming crypto events.

These upcoming crypto events range from strategic partnerships to updates, IGO launch events, etc. Seedify’s upcoming Realms of Etherenity IGO and Oasis Network’s Damask update are some of the top upcoming crypto events expected to take place this week.

The cryptocurrency space also currently has a market cap of $2.08 trillion. That is a 1.0% price increase over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin and Ethereum, on the other hand, are also trading at $42,674 and $3,251, respectively.

Let’s find out some more top upcoming crypto events expected this week.

1. Oasis Network Damask Upgrade

Oasis Network's Damask Upgrade will take place today

Layer 1 blockchain solution platform Oasis Network has released details of its upcoming Damask upgrade. The upgrade is expected to take place on April 11, 2022, at 8: 30 am (UTC). Interestingly, the Damask upgrade will also bring important features to the Oasis ecosystem. The upgrade is also a major part of the Oasis core 22.1.x upgrades. Some of the important features expected include:

  • The launch of the random beacon
  • Introduction of on-chain governance
  • ParaTime upgrades
  • The ParaTime performance
  • ParaTime packaging, and
  • Consensus and ParaTime communication

As part of the upgrade, Oasis Network will stop all its functions on April 11, 2022. Also, all network functions will resume properly once the update has been completed.

The Damask Upgrade for the Oasis Network has been approved! 🚀

Please expect the network to halt on April 11th at 8: 30AM UTC with services unavailable (Wallets, Block explorers, ParaTimes, On-Chain Transactions w/ DApps) until upgrade completion 💯

Read more about Damask 👇

— Oasis Foundation (@OasisProtocol) April 8, 2022

2. Seedify’s Realms of Ethernity IGO

Realms of Ethernity: Portal To A Mystical Open Metaverse | Seedify - Sfund  News | CoinMarketDo

Renowned blockchain games, metaverses, and NFT incubator platform Seedify is set to host yet another IGO event. According to the announcement, the upcoming IGO event is for Realms of Ethernity.

Realms of Ethernity is a Polygon-based NFT MMORPG game. Therefore, providing players with the opportunity to earn rewards. Also, the IGO will take place on April 13, 2022, on the Seedify launchpad.

April is here, and we’re ready for it!🚀🔥

🎮Apr.13 – @realmsofeth
🎮Apr.24 & 25 – @LeagueofEmpires
🎮May 10 & 11 – @SurvivalRIO
🎮May 12 – @MoonMetaverse_
🎮May 13 & 14 – @metarails
🎮TBA – @GaiminIo
🎮TBA – @BornToDieGame
🎮TBA – @MetaClashOnline
🎮TBA – @Animalia_token

— Seedify (@SeedifyFund) April 1, 2022

3. ZooEcosystem Expands to Avalanche

ZooEcosystem Is Launching On Avalanche - The Future Of Multi-Chain Gaming

Strategic new integrations on the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem. This time around, ZooEcosystem has revealed plans for a multichain expansion into Avalanche. Also, this expansion will facilitate the integration of new features, elements, and networks on ZooEcosystem.

As part of the expansion plans, the ZooKeeper app is now live on Avalanche. Also, on April 13, 2021, the project is listing $ZOO tokens on Avalanche. This also means that interested persons can now farm $ZOO on Avalanche to earn rewards.

4. 1inch Integrates RocketX Exchange

RocketX Exchange: Crypto Exchange Aggregator($RVF) (@RocketXexchange) /  Twitter

Defi platform 1inch has put plans in place to integrate the RocketX exchange. RocketX is a crypto exchange aggregator platform. The platform also aggregates tokens from both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Therefore, providing its users with both low fees and the best rates possible.

According to the announcement, the integration will take place on April 11, 2022, at around 15: 00 (UTC). Also, the integration will make it possible to trade 1inch tokens across both CEX and DEX platforms. It will also ensure low gas fees and minimum slippage possible during trading.

📢We’re thrilled to announce @1inch Integration on:
🗓️ 11 April ’22, 15 UTC

A lot of hard work is getting poured into it & we’re sure it’s gonna blow your mind 🤯

🔁 RT & spread the word!#RocketX #1INCH #AVAX #Uniswap #AAVE #PancakeSwap #Spartan #burgerswap #MultiChain #dodo

— RocketX Exchange: Crypto Exchange Aggregator($RVF) (@RocketXexchange) March 28, 2022

5. QuarkChain (QKC) Mainnet V1.6.0 Upgrade

Official Online Announcement On Major Upgrade of QuarkChain Mainnet &  Multi-native Token Function | by QuarkChain | QuarkChain Official | Medium

Blockchain infrastructure platform QuarkChain is set to launch its main net V1.6.0 upgrade. According to the announcement, the upgrade will also be launched on April 11, 2022. And will help improve QuarkChain root chain security.

Also, node operators are further advised to upgrade their nodes as soon as possible.

#QuarkChain‘s latest mainnet v1.6.0 will be activated on April 11, 2022, at 9 pm PDT. This update will further improve root chain security.🔒

If you are running a node, please upgrade via the links below👇👇


go kc:

— QuarkChain (@Quark_Chain) April 1, 2022

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