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What Is Origin Dollar (OUSD)?

Meet OUSD: The First Stablecoin That Earns A Yield In Your Wallet | by Josh  Fraser | Origin Protocol

Origin Dollar (OUSD) brings a brand-new twist to making benefits in the blockchain and crypto area. The stable coin makes it possible to make benefits by merely holding OUSD in your wallet.

According to reports, Origin Dollar (OUSD) is the world’s first-ever stablecoin to make earning benefits so simple. This post covers complex information about Origin Dollar (OUSD), its functions, items, modus operandi, and so on

Let’s discover more about this genuinely ingenious stable coin.

Brief History of Origin Dollar (USD)

Origin Dollar is among the flagship items of the Origin Protocol. The procedure is concentrated on making sure smooth access to both the NFT and Defi communities by the masses. Helping with awareness and mass adoption of these genuinely ingenious environments.

Interestingly, Origin Dollar is a distinct, first-of-its-kind stable coin. It is developed to help with passive earnings by merely being in a wallet. Users likewise do not require to secure or stake the stable coin before making passive earnings.

How basic is $ OUSD? Well, Defi yields are immediately transformed to OUSD and accumulate in your wallet. Your OUSD balance substances several times daily. No staking or lock-ups are needed.

Currently making 9.65% APY.
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— Origin Dollar (@OriginDollar) October 18, 2021


Holders of OUSD likewise have the chance to make APY as high as 14.26%. All revenues are likewise instantly remitted in OUSD. Assisting in simple access to the yield with no inconvenience.

All the revenues, none of the troubles. Attempt $ OUSD now.

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— Origin Dollar (@OriginDollar) March 14, 2022

OUSD is the response to numerous difficulties dealing with the adoption of the Defi environment. The stable coin acts as:

  • A dependable system of account
  • The perfect stable coin for amateurs in the Defi and cryptocurrency area
  • A simple method to make passive earnings
  • Also, offers access to a few of the highest-earning Defi chances readily available with absolutely no inconveniences
Mode of Operation

Origin Dollar (OUSD) is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 stable coin. With an approximated worth of 1:1 with the USD. And likewise backed 1:1 by other leading stable coins like USDT, DAI, and USDC.

The stable coin likewise possesses a distinct dApp platform called “The Origin Dollar dApp.” The dApp assists in the trading of OUSD. Offering the finest rates to either purchase or offer OUSD tokens.

To own OUSD, interested individuals can quickly switch their USDT, DAI, or USDC on the Origin Dollar dApp. Interested individuals can likewise quickly switch their OUSD back to supported stable coins like USDT, USDC, and DAI on the dApp platform.

To utilize the dApp, individuals are likewise required to have access to a Web 3.0-enabled wallet like Ledger, MetaMask, and Gnosis Safe. Trading can likewise happen on decentralized exchanges like 1inch, Uniswap v2 and v3, Curve, and Sushiswap. Trading OUSD is likewise supported on central exchanges like, Virgo, KuCoin, and so on

Top Features of the OUSD Stablecoin

The distinct stable coin OUSD likewise possesses a variety of core functions. These functions include its flexible supply, covered OUSD, yield generation, schedule of optional insurance coverage, and so on

  • Elastic Supply— OUSD is rather various from other offered crypto tokens. Its worth stays relatively continuous at around $1. This occurs regardless of a boost in its worth under possession management. The stable coin instantly changes its supply and stabilizes its return based upon specific token holder wallet balances.
  • Yield Generation— OUSD takes pride in an automated yield generation procedure. The yield generation has been surpassed several times. Assisting in high yields with little or no dangers. OUSD likewise produces yield with functions like financing, benefits, and market-making.

It likewise creates yield by:

      • Returning exit charges to swimming pools to work as a benefit to long-lasting token holders
      • Enlisting the assistance for cost oracles to assist in greater cumulative benefits as compared to private benefits
      • The automated procedure makes sure first-class balancing of both dangers and benefits, and so on

In conclusion, OUSD stable coin uses a decentralized governance system. This suggests that its neighborhood members supervise all governance choices worrying the OUSD stable coin. This likewise implies that neighborhood members who produce worth for OUSD will take pleasure in much better rewards.

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