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What Is Yield Farming? Part 1

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What Is Yield Farming?

Yield farming is locking your cryptocurrency and getting benefits for it. You utilize Defi to get the most out of your financial investment. Simply put, optimize your returns. Because all of it occurs on Defi platforms, there are no 3rd parties included. In yield farming, there are several choices offered on how to participate.

  • Staking your crypto on a PoS chain — In return, you get a benefit or interest. In the meantime, you assist to protect the particular network. Normally, this is not part of Defi. You can, nevertheless, likewise stake your coins in Defi procedures.
  • Liquidity service provider — You sign up with a liquidity swimming pool on a DEX. For this, you will require 2 various coins, however each for the same worth. You pay a little cost to the DEX. This, in turn, the DEX pays to the liquidity service providers. In some cases, this remains in brand-new LP tokens. There are likewise platforms that provide single-sided staking. This indicates that you are just required to lock one token to begin making a yield.
  • Lending your crypto to a DEX — The DEX utilizes a wise agreement for this. The yield remains in the kind of the interest that the customers pay you straight for the loans gotten.
  • Borrowing crypto on a DEX — A farmer can utilize one token as a security. In return, he gets a loan for the other token. Now, with the obtained coin, you can farm more yield once again. This leads to double yield incomes. From the security, which you get to keep. From the obtained tokens, you farmed once again.

Stablecoins and Strategies

For a lot of swimming pools, they utilize a stable coin. These peg to the USD. Utilizing stablecoins is not a requirement. Popular stablecoins utilized on Defi platforms are DAI, BUSD, USDT, and USDC.

Now, this ends up being truly fascinating, if you, as an LP, get swimming pool tokens. It can be that a platform mints these. Substance does this. For the DAI that you deposit, you get a code (Compound DAI). In case you transfer another coin, this will be in. Ethereum ends up being the.

At this minute, it can end up being complicated given that the platforms begin to include layers. You can include the code in another procedure. This procedure mints a brand-new token that represents your day. And this can continue. Sometimes, it can be challenging to track all this. On the other hand, it is a terrific example of how the Defi lego obstructs works. If one of the lego obstructs breakdowns, the entire chain can collapse.

How to Calculate the Yield?

Calculating the yield in yield farming occurs in 2 various methods. One is the APR or interest rate. On the other hand, there is APY or yearly portion yield. The distinction between the 2 is that with APY, you include an intensified yield. Intensifying is that you include benefits to your primary financial investment. You produce a bigger return.

However, it is essential to comprehend that these numbers undergo alteration. They are absolutely nothing else however forecasts and price quotes. The factor they can alter rather rapidly is that Defi is a fast-changing environment. Because yields alter all the time, farmers are browsing all the time for much better alternatives. They move their capital around a lot.

Farmers might likewise be deceptive about their method. The factor is relatively basic. Considering that you share the benefits in a swimming pool, fewer individuals indicate greater benefits. Again individuals begin to sign up, and the benefits thin down.

In basic, you get yield in 3 various methods.

  1. As a portion of the deal costs.
  2. From the interest of loan providers.
  3. In the type of governance tokens.

Something to explain about APR and APY is that they stem from TradFi. They talk about yearly yield. In Defi, it makes far more sense to take a look at everyday or weekly yields. To put it simply, Defi must create its method of determining yield.

What Is TVL?

The term TVL means Total Value Locked. This suggests just how much cash all traders secured on a Defi platform for financing or other services. To name a few, it informs you about the health of the whole Defi farming market. On the other hand, it likewise reveals an excellent way to see just how much market share a platform has.

Defi Llama and Defi Pulse are 2 excellent locations to track TVL. They reveal numerous information about total chains or specific platforms.


Here we are, at the end of the very first part of what yield farming has to do. We provided a thorough description of this. We revealed to you the function that stablecoins play in yield farming. We looked into how complicated methods can end up being.

By now you likewise understand the distinction between APR and APY and what TVL is.

In part 2, we will take a look at some dangers of yield farming and talk about some widely known yield farming platforms. See you there.

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